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my torrid poker schedule has kept me off the internet but i must come on to say to joe torre DO NOT trade scott proctor for ty wiggington thats the worst trade rumor ive heard in yankee history.. proctor isone of the few yoyos in the pen who can secure a lead and he only makes 400k ... by the way i was quoted as sayin getting rid of the sheff was the worst mover ever!!! think about how disgusting our lineup woud be with sheff and a rod hitiing back to back .... o well were back in contention see u all in october

I don't agree that the team was losing because Giambino was on the roster. It was a totally different team back then, decimated with injuries and lack of offensive production from some core guys.

I do like Duncan, what he did so far and the energy he seems to exude whenever he jacks one, but you just have to play Giambi and see what you get from him.

Not to rain on Shelley's parade, but his production was against Dray's pen with 7 ERA. It was batting practice today and yesterday, so it's a bit premature to hail him the king. He definitely should get his share of AB's, but I'd platoon him with Giambi at DH for a while.

I think my exact words to my brother during the game today were:

"Duncan's going to hit about 10 home runs in the next month, then the scouting is going to catch up to him and he's going to go into a horrible slump."

The Yanks should ride him until the league figures out his hole (which looks like sliders away), then they'll be able to see what he's really going to amount to. For the time being, he should be the everyday DH.

Giambi's return has less to do with Duncan, for me. It has everything to do with Melky. If he comes back and Joe immediately slots him in as the DH, which is a distinct possibility, then that's going to affect Melky's playing time. I want him in center every day, he brings a lot more to this team than Giambi can at this point of his career.

No, all of the Yankee problems can't be attributed to Giambi, obviously, but they did start to turn around their season when he went on the DL. The reason, for my money, is that Melky was put in the lineup every day. The guy brings so much energy, and enjoyment to the team. Plus, he anchors the outfield defense, and his bat control and hustle bolster the offense, he makes them able to play small ball. You stick Giambi back into the lineup, at Melky's expense, and this is a station-to-station team again. I don't have a problem platooning Duncan and Giambi at DH, if that means Melky is still playing center every day. I do have a huge problem with it if it means Damon goes back to center and Melky plays maybe 3 out of 5 games. That's a step in the wrong direction.

Yup, agree with you on Melky completely. Damon as an everyday CF scares the hell out of me as well, so yeah, quite a dilemma. So, you're right, let Giambi rehab a bit more while checking out how the league adjusts to Shelley, and then figure out the best lineup.

We're going to have to wait and see if Joe learned his lesson from last year. Sheff and Matsui went right back into the lineup, and the energy disappeared from the lineup when Melky went to the bench.

What's the news on Giambi with his rehab?

With Shelly doing well, it might also put pressure on Damon to either put up the numbers or shut up and go on the DL and get well.

Any guess on when Molina might catch a game? Posada's having a great year but will they give him a some rest now and then before the playoff race really gets heated?

Brian, I absolutely agree with you on Shelley (Frankenbomb)... he'll be good for a month before the league figures out his weakness. This is often the case with older rookies (25+), including Shane Spencer a few years back.


The latest I heard was sometime in August for Giambi, maybe 2 weeks, maybe less. I'd love it if Damon went on the DL. Something has to give, either Joe is going to go against his fiber and sit some of these veterans in favor of young guys, or the team is probably going to regress.

How do you put Damon on DL when he's not hurt? I think that's been mentioned a few times already. Sure everybody would love that, but it's just not happening, thus not a practical solution. He runs, he steals, he just doesn't hit nor play good CF.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Jul 23 at 19:22

on another total note---has anyone heard rumors of Joba coming up in august as a releiver to prep for starting next year ala papelbon?

Prez, I have heard that rumor, I'm not sure how his last start (not pretty) affects the plans, though.

Mike, Damon's been complaining about nagging injuries all year. Right now, you're right, you can't put him on the DL, but there was a time when it would've helped the team had he just taken 2 weeks off. That ship has sailed though, so this is little more than wishful thinking on my part.

The last couple of days Damon sure is trying to make a case to play everyday. Maybe it's time for things to start averaging out and get his BA up to his career numbers.

That would be nice. The only thing that has me worried is the distribution of at bats when Giambi comes back.

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