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Ok...why the skidmark nickname? I think I missed something?

I think Skidmark comes from Clemen's 1996 movie appearance in the Woody Harrelson film "Kingpin." (Clemens is listed in the credits).

Ah, now that is funny. Sorry for making you explain the joke to me....

I think the Wildcard is the way to go. Yeah, catching the Sox would be nice, but making the playoffs is all the matters, right? Certainly wildcards can win the World Series.

And the wild card is just a little closer, and the team (Indians) is a little likelier to falter, so... root for the Sox to beat the Indians. They're doing you a favor.


That's what my head says. They're five behind Cleveland in the loss column. Of course, my heart wants to catch, pass and bury the Sox.


If you haven't seen Kingpin, you really need to. I wish I could find the scene w/ Clemens on YouTube.

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