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No way Moose drops, even from the postseason rotation. Torre is fiercely loyal to his vets. Especially, as Sheffield reminds us, his white ones ;)

The only way the Yankees trade for Garland is if they are shipping out a starter, like Mussina. Which is extremely unlikely.

And with things clicking well now, don't expect any trades, except for a very minor one or two. Even Texiera is very unlikely at this point.

Mussina is a 10 and 5 guy, so he can veto any trade. Maybe he'd accept a trade to the Pirates so he can be closer to the android factory where they assembled him. God, I hate that guy.

I have to think Joe would know better than to start him over Phil in a playoff game. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to see.

trivia questin: Who has the most wins in the American league the last two seasons?

Santana? Schilling? Halladay? No, no, no. Jon Garland does. The Sox better not trade him, he's awesome. And Jose Tabata wouldn't even be enough. Garland just turned 28, and is a legit top end of the roto starter. The Sox would be dumb to deal him and i saw a rumor today with the Yanks with the Sox gettin Cano. That wont happen and id love that, im sure you'd hate it. But Garland will command alot back.

Wins, to most stat geeks, are a hollow stat. I'm usually not one of those guys, but there's just something about Garland that I don't like. Can't put my finger on it, his WHIP isn't horrible (1.30+), but it isn't good either. His K's/9 are low. I don't know, can't explain it, I just think he's over-rated.

Cano better not being going anywhere.

agreed with wins being overrated, i have matt cain on my fantasy team (ya i know no one cares, but whatever) who should be tearing shit up right now but he's like 3-14 despite pitching pretty well. I like Gar Gar Binks alot because he's a ground ball pitcher. His sinker is nasty and in a hitters park like US Celluar you need to keep the ball on the ground. I know Yankee Stadium isn't a hitters park though.

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