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Eric (Sydney) on Jul 28 at 3:23

Thanks for keeping the dedication of updating this blog...i've been a fan of the sixers for a long time...and once iverson was traded...i still stuck with the sixers because they have a good team imo. so now i follow nuggets and sixers...and yes, this year i was a depressed fan too.

thanks again, i like the info i get here

No problem Eric, thanks for reading.

We can add Australia to the list of countries with at least one Sixers fan...that makes 3.

the second being Italy? :-)

yes, signing Iguodala now would make sense, and the 13-14 mill per year seem a lot to me as well

but we overpaid so many scrubs that I wouldn't have any problem giving crazy money to Iguodala, at least he's a player !!! and a franchise player, to me

also, after all who cares where the money come from if it's not mine...

my point is: better overpaying Andre than losing him. he's the cornestone of our team

the Rahsard Lewis deal is a precedent that will create problems to many franchises I think...

Iggy will be pursued by:
Spurs,Suns,Lakers,Hornets,Jazz,Sonics,Blazers,Warriors, for starters. Close to max dollars. And, why stay in Phila? Would you?

Vegas week puts nail in coffin.

BK had 2 months. No more. Team will unravel w/o his young leadership.

A shame.

Not too many of those teams (if any) are going to have max dollars to offer, but let's hope it doesn't come to that.

This is the time to get it done. The window doesn't close until Oct. 31.

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