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Phila. Inquirer writer Sam Carchidi must be on a crusade for the Phils to pick up Kyle Farnsworth. He wrote an article on the Phil's acquisition of 2B Tadahito Iguchi and had an outlined box in the center of the article titled On the Market with Kyle Farnsworth's name as the only listing. At the moment, I'd like to cancel my subscription to the Inquirer.

I really hope the Phils wouldn't be dumb enough to trade away Victorino. (I don't want to see them lose Bourne for relievers either, esp. with Myers and Gordon back, although both are considered fragile) . If the Yankees deal with the Phils, expect the Yankees to get the better end of the deal.

As for Teixeria to the Yankees, his asking price is probably too high. The Yankees are probably wise not to get involved in a bidding war. Hearing Melky's name in trade rumors makes no sense to me either, although I think Cashman is shrewder than folks give him credit for and too smart to get rid of him. If Cashman can pawn off Damon now that he's showing some life, he can save Torre the lineup dilema he'll have if Giambi comes back in early August and maybe get some youth in the exchange.

There was an article in the Sunday Phila. Inquirer last week about the Phils chucking all caution to the wind and going for A-Rod. The idea is generating some interest. Last week's Inky poll was 'Should the Phils trade one of their star infielders for pitching help? ' 11% of the respondents said "Who cares? Let's go after A-Rod." I doubt the Phils could or would be able to compete with the Yankees for A-Rod, but since Rolen left, we've had a void at third. I also highly doubt the Phils would like negotiating with Scott Boras, the agent from hell. But it's tantalizing to think of the possibility, even if it's a snowball's chance in hell. If A-Rod was in the lineup, who'd need bullpen help if you can put 10 or 12 runs on the board each game?

A-Rod might hit 75 home runs in that ball park. There's no way the Yankees deal him now, but if he opts out and the Yanks don't sign him, I'd love to see the Phils pony up for him (probably in the neighborhood of $35M/year).

I don't see anyone taking Damon, I'd love to see it, but I just doubt it's going to happen.

I agree, the Phils would be crazy to trade Victorino. If they're going to move an outfielder, it should be Rowand, he's probably gone at the end of the year, and Bourn is ready to play center (and lead off).

I also think Farnsworth is gone. Joe isn't using him in any kind of important situation, they're paying him too much to be a mop-up guy. Someone will take a shot on him.

I agree that the player on the Phils that could be made expendable is Rowand. I just don't think Gillick is shrewd enough to get good value for him and think he'll be rooked in a trade. He's a valued member of the team to sacrifice while you're in the playoff hunt and the only way you give him up is if you strengthen the bullpen or starting pitching. Problem is, good hitters are more common than good pitchers, and Rowand should command more than Gillick would probably get for him.

But all in all, if it comes down to Victorino, Bourne or Rowand, reluctantly I'll say it's Rowand that should go.

Sam Carchidi is the third writer in Philly that has mentioned Farnsworth now. Our household is divided.. my son wants Farnsworth here (he hasn't watched the Yankees this year). Farnsworth may not be much for the Yankees, but he's as good or better than anything in middle relief that the Phils have now.... That shows how dreadful our bullpen is. I'm trying to adjust to the possibility that Farnsworth will be here, I just hope the Phils don't get taken too badly in the deal.

As much as I'd like to see A-Rod here, I don't see the Phils signing A-Rod mostly because of who his agent is. Scott Boras left a really bad taste in their mouth with J.D. Drew. There are teams that just won't deal with guys because Boras is their agent, and I suspect the Phils are one of those.

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