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I just woke up (late night working last night) to find this information. I'm not sure how I feel yet, but my first inclination is that I think the Dodgers got the better deal here. But I guess it's all about what each team needed.

I'll write something about it on my blog once I figure out what I really think.

As long as you keep his innings down a little bit, you've gotten yourself a nice arm out of the pen. When he's rested, he can dominate.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Jul 31 at 13:47

I feel l ike this is overkill...yes he has been inconsistent, but he was pretty reliable last year. I have absolutely no evidence to back it up, but maybe the overusage last year and this year took its toll?

on the other hand, it always seems like he gives up homers this year, not just hits....

I've always like Betemit. I think he's going to do good things for the Yankees this year. Plus, he's a switch hitter and can play all the infield positions, not just third.

He was still Joe's number three guy in the pen: Mo, Viz, then Proctor.

Trading Farnsworth should've been priority number one, and still should be. I hate to see Proctor go, but don't take it out on Betemit, he can help this team.

I read a comment somewhere (can't remember where) that said something to the effect of 'if Farnsworth can stay out of the bars, then he'll be on his way to Detroit.' Does the guy have a drinking problem?


I heard the same thing, and it didn't make sense to me. I hadn't heard anything about bars. I think he's just an a-hole. Maybe he clears waivers and they can get rid of him before the end of August, my fingers are crossed. In the mean time, Joba should be up very soon.

Farnsworth was a big time partier when he played for the Cubbies. The Score 670 used to have listens call in every night and say they saw Farnsworth at bars, drinking and smoking. Of course the Cubs play alot of day games, so that is something that really could have affected him when he was here.

Off topic, but there is nowhere else to put this.

I'm watching tonight's Yankees game on YES right now. I've seen both A-Rod at-bats. Both were pretty typical fly outs, not that deep at all (neither made the warning track).

Michael Kay (that's his name, right?) is a terrible announcer. On both balls, he's begun the call like he's convinced this will be his chance to get on ESPN. He gets all worked up, only to die down at the end when the outfielder doesn't have to move from his spot to catch the ball.

It's lame.

Looking at what Proctor went for, I'm sorry the Phils didn't trade for him. Instead they pick up wifebeater Julio Mateo from Seattle...Ron at Fightin'Phils has good info. and a write up on him.

Now I'm going to say something unpopular that I shouldn't say. As long as Mateo doesn't beat his wife while he's a Phillie, if he can contribute to gettin' the PHils into the playoffs, then Welcome to Philly. After three years of missing the playoffs in large part because the bullpen, he could be the devil himself, but if he throws strikes, I don't care....I'm such a traitor.


The Phils really might be cursed. Victorino and Bourn both went on the DL today, joining Utley. Not only does it suck for the Phils, but it sucks for my fantasy team, I had both of them.

And JJ, don't be too hard on yourself, Philly fans have earned the right to root for anyone to help their team. Maybe he and Myers can hang out (didn't he have a domestic abuse thing too?)


I'm no Michael Kay apologist, but I think in this case he was messing w/ the audience a little bit. It was pretty obvious that neither was going out, he was just playing it up.

I hope he hits it soon, so he can relax again.

Rooting for the Yankees this year in the AL given me a brighter perspective as a fan.

So at the trade deadline, I'm optimistic for both the Phils and the Yankees. The Yankees didn't overpay for Tex or Gagne. Although it sucks that Gagne went to Boston, it really puts pressure on Boston to win it all or look like a bunch of overpaid chumps.

The Yankees didn't trade away their youth for an aging superstar or to rent a mercenary bat. They have Hughes coming back and Chamberlain coming up and a young guy in Duncan on the bench to put some heat on the veterans to perform. Giambi is coming back (mixed blessing) and they have good pitching prospects in their farm system for the future. Life looks good... no panic or knee jerk moves (although Proctor will be missed and I didn't get that one).

For the Phils, Bourne and Victorino's trips to the DL may a blessing in disguise. Their names both came up in trade rumors, and their injuries might have kept Gilligan Gillick from making a HUGE mistake and giving them away for a dog. Neither injury is considered serious, so whatever works to keep 'em Phils. Mistake averted and Gilligan is saved from himself.

I can even put a positive spin on Mateo.... You're right...LOL...he and Myers can hang out. Mateo could be a real bargain because no sane team wanted to touch a PR nightmare like him. It was a controversial move to give Mateo a try, but it could work.

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