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I'm so glad your making the trek to Lehigh!

I'd rather get my info. from someone who has seen the Eagles first hand or make the judgment myself instead of read it or hear it from a member of the media. I'll look forward to reading your impressions, Brian.

One opinion I did hear on ESPN, however, worried me. It was from Skip Bayless (sometimes he's Skip Clueless). Bayless has met McNabb, admittedly likes the guy (no axe to grind), and roots for him (so he's on his side and not negative toward him).

Bayless stated that while McNabb is 'supremely talented,' scrappy overachiever Jeff Garcia fit the mold of a Philadelphia QB and McNabb seems a little too 'nonchalant' for fans. (Alarmingly, I share that opinion).

Then he went on to voice my biggest concern... he thinks the tension over Owens, season ending injuries over the years, Garcia igniting this team and the drafting of Kevin Kolb have put enormous strain on McNabb and his relationship with the Eagles is unraveling. He fears McNabb will not be able to stay healthy (my fear too), and that the season doesn't end well for McNabb.

Supposedly in yesterday's first day in pads, the #2 Defense manhandled the #1 Offense. The report is the Offense looked 'out of sync.' It's only the first day in pads, so this isn't a fair judgement. It's not even pre-season yet... it's just camp!

That ESPN Top 50... what BULL****. Calvin Johnson and a few other guys haven't even played on play in the NFL. Matt Leinhart and the Cardinals were freaking 4-12 last year (or 5-11...it still sucks). And how can you put Champ Bailey ahead of Brian Dawkins? What are these guys smoking?

A popularity contest, that's all that crap is....

I'm heading up to. I'll keep an eye out for you.


If McNabb is healthy, this offense is going to be very, very productive. The only concern I have with him is the injury bug. Maybe taking more snaps out of the shotgun will help him.

As far as Philly embracing him and his nonchalant attitude, it wasn't a problem prior to 2004, and it wasn't a problem last year before he got hurt. I'm behind him, and all the Eagles fans I know are behind him too.

He's the best QB the Eagles have had in my lifetime, and I want to see what he does in an injury-free season. The last time he was around the whole year, he took us to the Super Bowl. That's exactly what I'm expecting this year.

I'll have more to say about this later, oh and you're right, Skip Clueless is a good nickname for Bayliss.

I can't wait for tomorrow, you should swing by if you can.

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