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OFF TOPIC, but don't know where to place this one...

On ESPN First Take just now (12:30), the Yes Network owned by Steinbrenner is reportedly for sale.

The report continued to talk about the expanding role George's youngest son is taking with the team since the departure of oldest daughter Jennifer's husband via divorce.

The question of Steinbrenner's health came up, and the reports were conflicting. One rumors was that he was a sick man, the other that he's fine. The unthinkable was brought up... the possibility of the Yankees being sold. Everyone agreed that that would never happen, as long as Steinbrenner is alive....

Is something happens to George, how does it change the dynamics of the team?

It really depends on who takes over. George has built an empire around the Yanks (the price of the YES Network was pegged at between $3B and $3.5B), and he's done this by spending a ton of money. If the team is sold to a bottom-line type of guy, it could translate into a lesser product on the field. Let's hope that happens.

I read earlier that we should hope Mark Cuban doesn't buy the Cubs so he can buy the Yanks if/when they go up for sale.

Personally, I hope the big Stein pulls through.

What is wrong with Steinbrenner healthwise? They also mentioned about some of his Yankee assets being transferred to his children already... if he planning this now because of some undisclosed illness?

There are reports that he's sick, but the Yanks and his family are mum on the subject. I haven't seen him at a game in a while.

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