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My condolences, Brian. I don't know why Joe keeps calling on this guy with the other options he has.

One good thing...the Yanks are hitting the cover off the ball. My Phils are in a similar position, although the wife beaters aren't near the closers that Mo is and you guys have a distinct advantage there, if you can get to the ninth.

He might not be the best guy on the mound, but noone, noone can spear another guy into the ground like Farnsworth!

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 2 at 23:25

painful listening to the game??? try BEING there as torre brings him in. its 11-9 u bring him in?! what?! it makes no sense. its EXACTLY the same as if the game is 2-0. u dont bring farns in a 2-0 game do you? so why in an 11-9 game? ugh! i was so mad.

i did get laughs from the newly minted "jorge hates you" chant, though.

That's awesome. Here's what I don't get, Joe brought Viz into a game that was well in hand last night (7-1 in the eighth) and has him pitch into the ninth, when the Yanks are up 8-1. Why not use Karstens in that situation, and save Viz for today, if needed?

I just don't get it at all.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 3 at 15:40

I asked myself the same thing. I've always been on the For Torre side, but sometimes i wonder...I almost hope after this season he just retires, and the problem can save itself, sort of?

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