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I am green with envy that I couldn't go myself, esp. since we live so close (within an hour).

Did you pick up on any tension with four QBs? Funny how there is an established pecking order with Kolb at the bottom of the list. I guess if they did anything otherwise, the media would have a field day on it and McNabb would be looking over his shoulder. On the depth chart, they are listed as McNabb, Feeley and Kolb... Holcombe isn't even listed.

Considine needed to gain back what he lost during last season (and then some)so he won't constantly be the guy knocked on his ass every play. Looking at your picture, he's noticably bulkier... does he still have the speed with the extra weight? Do you think he'll beat out Quintin Mikell for the starting position?

Who is doing the long snapping now that Bartrum is retired?

What I can't wait to see is Rocca. C'mon Andy... don't wimp out and keep the 150 lb. weakling (Johnson) at #1... GIVE THE GUY A CHANCE!!! I had heard his playing weight in Aussie football was 275... that's (almost) the size of a defensive linemen! Imagine him kicking off and Devon Hester or Reggie Bush breaking through the Eagle defenses, and facing this guy! I wonder what the hang time was on his punts?

Any word on where Brian Dawkins was?

I'm hoping Hunt makes the team. I'm not much of a Moats fan... he's had his chances. How many RBs do you think they'll carry on their roster?

Also, how did the new guy Montae Reagor do? And how did Kearse look coming off his injury? Some guy wrote an article a month ago about how he had lost weight and was partying heavily and 'living like a man who no longer plays football.' How did he look to you?

GEEZ... I could go on with the questions.... I wish I was there!


It was great, you should really talk your son into going with you.

To answer a couple of your questions: Considine didn't get burned in any of the drills I saw, so I guess that's good.

I still haven't heard anything about Dawkins.

The hangtime on Rocca's punts was unbelievable. I'd love to see him make the team and bury Hester!

Hunt looked fine, Nasty Nate looked large. Westbrook looked a step faster than everyone else on the field.

I barely saw the D-line at all. They were on the other field for drills and it's kinda hard to judge how they're doing in full-contact drills, because they aren't allowed to hit the QB. There was some nice penetration on a couple plays, but who knows if they would've been sacks.

Spikes was the most impressive defensive player I saw all day. He looks like a freak out there, and Johnson has him blitzing from every imaginable angle. I think he's going to make this defense click this year.

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