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Damon probably should have caught the ball. It was hit hard, but he jumped too early. Actually, if he had taken another step, he probably wouldn't have needed to jump to catch the ball. I think he was worried about the wall.

Kay and whoever else is with him spent five minutes talking about the warning track in Toronto. Apparently, it's the same stuff as the turf. It's just painted a different color, and there are some small rocks thrown into it. Very weird, those Canadians.

Have they mentioned what holiday it is in Canada today? Googling arcane foreign holidays is strictly forbidden on my work network.

Something about the holiday for the guy who founded Toronto (which was originally called York). It sounded like they said "Simco Day" but I'm on my way out the door, so I can't look it up.

shocking about the post. the most trusted nabe in propaganda. quo vadis' second album much better than the first. just ask harold moscovitz.

I meant to say something about this yesterday, but... Harold Moscovitz! Nice find.

I wonder how he went from Moscovitz to Sterling. I'm picturing him in a Hot Tub with Chest Rockwell:

Moscovitz: "I want it so it can cut glass"

(end Boogie Nights reference)

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