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Joba looked solid. I'm excited.

Also, on your play of the game... watching it live, I kinda wish that was A-Rod who had done that, so the Blue Jays and the media could try to make it seem like it was a dirty play! "Look, A-Rod just kick McDonald's glove off!". Too bad.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 8 at 0:43

was anyone else hoping there was aplay at the plate when arod was rounding 3rd on jorge's double? i was waiting for Arod to straight madden truckstick Zaun...

also, im kinda iffy for joba in the 8th. i say keep him in the 7th, and viscaino in the 8th, unless joba doesnt give up runs for like 3 weeks. I know its been stated, but viz has been LIGHT OUT, except ofr his last appearence (but hes been getting loads of innings recently for obvious reasons...)


I think Joba's going to dominate. I expected him to give up a couple of runs tonight, just because of nerves. I was really impressed with that outing. I'm starting to think the Viz is running on borrowed time, and the workload might be catching up to him.

And holy crap, yes. I was praying for a collision there. A-Rod was absolutely flying around the bases, he was pissed. I think he was even more pissed when McDonald robbed him a couple of times.

SML, yep, they would've ripped A-Rod for that play. Is it just me, or can Shelley run? He moves really well for such a big guy and he loves breaking up the double play. He's like the Kurt Rambis of the Yankees.

You can count on Roger Clemens to deliver payback when it's due. You gotta love it that he will still do that.

And maybe Joe finally got the hint about giving the young guys a chance! This is all very encouraging.

I'm a huge A-Rod fan, but if I'm the Blue Jays....I hit him again today.

No way the Yanks pen is better than the Red Sox, at least for now....

You know the Christopher Walken, "We need more cowbell!" line? Well, "I need more Melky!" I can't get enough of the dude, give us a player profile, something in-depth, I may name my first born after him if he keeps this up.

*after the Cubs, the Yanks are probably my favorite team. Ironic? Like a no smoking sign on a cigarette break.

It's funny, but Melky has been the key to this season. You'll probably get some argument on this, even from die hard Yankee fans, but I'm convinced.

I'll write up an in-depth piece on him, but if you want to know what kind of kid he is, you should read this article. There's a blurb in there about Cano and Melky sitting down and deciding they're going to be more disciplined at the plate. Since then, they've upped their OBP's to .351 (Cano) and .349 (Cabrera).

bowa vs. stairs in the octagon!

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