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why would you congratulate that cheater. of course he jacked it, he's on seven different kinds of rhinocerous hormones. he's an a-hole, a criminal, a cheater, and a cancer on the american pastime. and in true bonds fashion, his team loses. that says it all for baroid.

oh yeah, there is a silver lining. at least we don't have to watch giants games on espn anymore. anyone for world poker tour? the only thing those guys are on is bourbon.

I can't, in good conscience, vilify Bonds for using steroids. Yes, I think he did it, but I'm just as sure dozens of other guys did as well (at least), including a few that I root for on a daily basis.

It was a level playing field, as far as I'm concerned. He was the best hitter w/out roids, and he was the best hitter w/ roids.

He still hit the home runs, he deserves to celebrate it.

And I kinda liked watching the Giants on ESPN. Did you notice that they were late getting to the game last night because a WNBA game went into double overtime. They almost missed Bonds' first at bat.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 8 at 11:08

all im gonna say is this:

screw bonds, screw th 40 percent of baseball that probably used some sort of performance enhancing drugs (greenies, roids, hgh, doctoring the ball, etc).

Screw Bud Selig 1000000000000000000000 times more for allowing it to go on.

Bonds, schmonds...
Now for a true diversion....
"The sport of Emperors and bandits." - Feng

(aka...Christopher Walken in a red dress and matching beanie)


(Sorry, Brian, I have the maturity level of a 5 yr. old but thought this is a harmless diversion from baseball).


You bring up a great point, why is Selig not being torn to shreds for the roid scandal? It all happened on his watch, isn't he just as much to blame as the players for turning a blind eye?

JJ, everyone can use a Wednesday distraction, thanks for the link.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 8 at 22:50

last thing ill say about this , i promise.

Selig has been commish since 1992.

he has had money invested in the ever growing MLB since 1965....

I don't go to an ivy league school but i think he has sufficient reason to turn a blind eye. lol

Yep, that's the problem with putting a puppet owner into the commmish position.

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