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brandon on Mar 12 at 7:43

I swear to God, this blog is almost as bad as greenpinstripes.com...

Do you ever have anything negative to say about the Eagles? They could announce that Mc Scrub is being traded for Patrick Ramsey and you would telling us how the trade "makes sense" and that "Andy Reid is a genius."

They just lost a big part of the offense and you tell us that it's OK because they still have Reggie Brown?

Dude, when the Eagles finish next year at 8-8 and miss out on the playoffs, you're delusional comments about them having the best front office in sports is going to sound about as wacked as you're predictions of the Sixers making the playoffs next year.

1. I never predicted the Sixers would make the playoffs. I said it's possible, and I'm rooting for it, but never said it would happen.

2. I wrote this post when the news broke, and the news was that the Pats signed Stallworth to a 6-year, $30M deal. That's too much. When they broke down the deal, it turns out it's only a 1-year deal really, they're going to cut him after this season. When I saw that, I updated this post and said that the Eagles should've been able to match/beat that offer.

3. Stallworth was nice to have, but not crucial to this team. They'll score enough points with or without him. The defensive front seven is where they need to spend their money.

4. The Pats have the best front office in the league, Eagles best in the NFC.

Hey!! I call 'em how I see 'em!

And I hope the Pats turn into the Redskins with the moves they're making!

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