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I think more teams would be interested in A-Rod (Phils, Phils, Phils) if Darth Vader wasn't his agent....

Off-topic, but of interest,
the Padres released ex-Yankee David Wells today after a losing record and a 7.99 ERA in pitcher friendly Petco Park.

I always liked Wells,a hard partying, no shit guy. But age has caught up with him, and his fastball has noticeably less velocity and he's was diagnosed with diabetes this year to add to the problems.

Today on ESPN, Skip Bayless intimated that Well's problems, however, were more of a mind set than an injury or total deterioration of skill. My question for you is,
Is he worth someone taking a chance on, and does someone sign him?

I think Wells is done. I actually think he's been done for a couple of years. Someone hard up for a starter may take a shot on him and hope to catch lightening in a bottle. I don't think he'd be worth it for the Phils, at his best he was a fly ball pitcher, he'd give up a ton of HRs at CBP.

Oh no, I might like Wells but think he'd be terrible at the 'Zen. If his ERA is nearly 8 at Petco, it would probably be over 10 here. He could hang out with Adam Eaton and stink up the joint.

What do you think of the rhetoric starting on A-Rod from Canseco, Jones and the media? Does it look like the media vultures are making him the next coming of Bonds?

Chipper Jones is just a complete moron. His HR total jumped from 21 in 1997 to 38 in 1998 to 45 in 1999. The height of the roid era. He should stop talking about other players who he knows nothing about, especially when there's circumstantial evidence that he could've been a juicer.

There's no way you can disprove it once someone says you were on roids. From Canseco's comments, though, I don't think he's going to say A-Rod used roids. I think he's going to say he's gay or something. Just a hunch.

Geez... you're probably right, Brian. The comment specifically was that "A-Rod is not what he seems."

Which is worse for your rep...being called a Roid user, or being called gay?

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