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Matt Schobel is OK but not an adequate substitute for LJ. LJ is someone McNabb looked for more than most of his receivers.

And isn't Matt Schobel the long snapper now that Mike Bartrum has retired? If anything happens to him... we're really in trouble then. You mention the rookie Celek... how is he as a blocker? And can he catch the ball?

Funny how karma seems to come back and bite contract malcontents.... I never thought of it till you mentioned it. If I was Darwin Walker, I'd be worried.

Dorenbos is the long snapper, so starting Schobel is viable. I just don't like him as the starting TE. Don't know much about Celek, other than the fact that he's been playing well thus far in camp.

Agreed, Schobel is Ok, but you're losing something on the field when LJ isn't in there. Is there any more word on LJ's injury?

The Eagles released a statement saying that it's a groin injury which isn't related to the sports hernia. At face value, that's good news, but the Eagles have been less-than-truthful about things like this in the past.

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