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Mattingly seems to be the heir apparent, but I had heard a rumor that Joe Girardi was also being considered for the job.
What are your thoughts on who should (eventually) succeed Joe Torre?

Girardi did a great job in Florida last year, and I think that's exactly the type of team he should be managing. A young team.

I think Mattingly would probably be much more successful with a team of proven stars (I think superstars respect managers who were great players more).

Now, the Yanks will probably be a mixture of the two come next year. So it's a tough decision.

If it was me, I'd go with Mattingly. I think everyone on the team respects him and he'd be a better fit for the make up of the team.

Do you think Joe will be back?

I really don't know, JJ.

If he wins the series this year, he's around until he dies or wants to retire. If he doesn't it's completely up in the air.

Honestly, I think it's going to be up to him. I don't think Cashman wants to fire him, or not re-sign him. But you never know.

I think Donnie is ready, and they're going to give him a full year for his first year (they won't put him in mid-season if they fire Joe).

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