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Wow, I think I agree with every single one of your predicted finishes, with the exception that I would put the Braves as the NL East winners, and the Phillies as the Wildcard (holding off the runner up in the NL West).

I believe the Cubs have the best run differential in the NL....I feel the need to say boo! to you for saying they won't make the playoffs.

The Cubs have the 4th best run dif (+40). Phils are #1, Mets #2, Braves #3.

It just seems to me like they made their run, and now they're back to mediocre. It's not out of the question, if any team gets hot (and by gets hot I mean plays .500 ball the rest of the way), they can take this division. It's that bad.

As a long suffering Phils phan, I get discouraged sometimes, usually when Adam Eaton pitches, but with their offensive run production, I never thought I'd say this, but, Pitching, Schmitching....
we got Utley, Howard, Rowand, Rollins,Bourne, Victorino, Burrell, last year's oldest rookie Coste and new guy Iguchi and only two of these guys are over 30 (Coste and Gooch).
Who needs pitching if you can put up 6-10 runs a game?

And the Mutts don't scare me as much as Atlanta does.. as proud as I am of the Phils for taking two of three from them, they did't face Hudson or Smoltz. The Phils real competition is Atlanta, not NY.

I still want to see the Cubbies win the hapless Central. I hate to root against a team, nor do I want to see players humiliated, but Karma is coming back on Selig in Milwaukee and there's some satisfaction in Selig looking like an idiot (again). And St. Louis can't be ruled out, esp. with Rick Ankiel providing some life. While I'd love to root for the Cubs, I think you're right and St. Louis squeaks by.

As for the West, the Dodgers collapse is painful to watch. I liked the Dodgers in the beginning of the season. I just don't understand how they could collapse so completely.

As a long time brewers fan I love to see them play anything more than .500 ball so taking the division from the worst thing to come out of Chicago will be a bonus. I get a bigger kick out of people thinking Bud Selig still has anything to do with the brewers front office. several years ago the team became property of the Selig Investment Group lead by his daughter Wendy...yeah that sucked! after Wendy did a horrible job the S.I.G. placed the team on the market. In 2004 the team was bought by LA investment banker Mark Attanasio, who has since invested large sums of money (for a small market team) into developing the good draft picks on the farm clubs and making trades that have packed the seats in Miller Park and will allow for this team to raise the payroll and become a TEAM that other small market teams will duplicate for years. I hope the Cubs enjoy their "run" because it will come up short as always. I will be watching intently however when the Cardinals come to town on the last week of the season becasue THAT will determine who goes to the playoff. Mearly making September matter is the best thing to happen to Milwaukee baseball in 25 years.

Milwaukee will have the taint of Selig on it forever in my eyes.

For the Brewers fans out there, I'm happy that you guys have something to cheer for this year. Everyone deserves that.

My apologies. I'm one of those idiot fans who disliked the Brewers solely because of their association with Bud Selig. When I read your post and stopped and thought about it, I have no reason to dislike them or want to see them fail.

That said, the only thing worse then Selig running your team is one of his kids. My condolences.

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