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Are you being sarcastic with the Player of the Game?

If not, and if Farnsworth did indeed earn Player of the Game fair and square, is this his first honor?

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 15 at 11:37

farnsworth WAS keepin his pitches low...lol.

but some over due good came from this game

RHP Edwar Ramirez and LHP Sean Henn have been recalled from Class AAA Scranton.

RHP Jim Brower and RHP Jeff Karstens are out. Karstens was optioned. I’m not sure of Brower’s status, but I suspect he was DFA’d.

Everyonoe knows that doesn't happen if t he yankees win, or even lose by a little bit.


That's great news, as long as Joe will use Edwar. Henn is garbage, just like Brower and Karstens.


He earned it, by default. And yes, it is his first award.

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