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Yankees didn't lose any ground. If they had to pick a night to lose, this was a good night.

Off topic, but a recent poster, Eric from Milwaukee, brought up about how people automatically associate Milwaukee with evil emperor Selig and thus hate the team. Really, it's not a fair hatred when you think of it... the players can't choose their owners.

But it made me think about teams you hate. In order to hate a team, they must have the ability to hurt your team, don't they? And there's no sense hating a dog...to hate another team, they have to be competitive and capable of beating you.

That said, would you consider the Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry to be the most intense in all of sports? What other rivalries compare?

Good question JJ.

For me, the Sox/Yanks is the most intense (much more so since 2004, before that the sox were a joke). But I think that's probably only true if you're a Sox or Yankee fan.

The most heated rivalry I've seen firsthand is Cal/Stanford. Those guys go nuts for the "Big Game" every year. In college you also have Michigan/Ohio State. I think college lends itself to rivalries much more than pro sports.

In professional sports, the Giants/Dodgers is probably just as intense as Yanks/Sox, when both teams are good.

In football, for me the rivalry extends to all the teams in the NFC East, but there's a pecking order
1. Giants (geography)
2. Cowboys (dominance in the early 90s)
3. Redskins (just because)

They key ingredient in a rivalry is that the games mean something. Sixers/Celtics used to be a good rivalry, but neither team has been in the playoffs for a couple of years now, so it's lost its bite.

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