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joe said he's giving mo the night off. of course he also said he would not bring him in in the eighth this season. where would you put duncan in the lineup??? you're going up against one of the best righties in the game.

Off topic, but did you see the MLB hitter's and pitcher's choices for favorite parks?

Hitter's choice: Citizen's
Pitcher's choice: Petco

No surprise with either of those....


I'd play Shelley at first until he cools off. We don't know if he can hit righties, Joe hasn't even given him a look. And it looks like it won't matter if Mo is available tonight, Moose is shitting the bed. Unreal.


I'd like to see the Pads play the Phils in the NLCS. It would be the most schizophrenic series in the history of the game.

Yeah, the Pads vs. the Phils would be just as you said... schizophrenic.

Laughed at the comment about Moose. Do you want to trade him for Adam Eaton? Eaton makes Moose look like he's still a CY Young candidate.

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