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Excellent analysis of the Eagles, Brian. I'm not worried about what I see during pre-season as that's the time to work the kinks out. That said, I have concerns...

My biggest worry is the McNabb without Andrews scenario. McNabb is not ready to give up that brace... that's an indication that he's not confident in that knee. If he plays hearing footsteps, he won't be effective.

I'm pissed that Andy isn't forthcoming with the word on Andrews injury. When the kid said his visit to the Dr. was a "tear jerker," that's not good news. Even if Max Jean Guilles has size and attitude, it's still a change to what has been a very solid offensive line.

Celek is very encouraging to watch, even if it's just preseason. If LJ Smith can't start because of his hernia, I'd almost be inclined to give him a shot starting over Shoebel although Reid will never take a chance like that. Shoebel is servicable, but unspectacular. Celek could be something special.

I dare say I'm psyched looking at our RBs. Tony Hunt is an upgrade over Ryan Moats and Moats would have been cut anyway. And I'm not a Buckhalter fan and would rather see Hunt get more opportunities than him. The big question is will the Eagles carry two FB on their roster and keep both Thomas Tapeh and Nate Ioloa? To do that, Ioloa will have to prove himself versatile and stand out on special teams. I really want to see the Eagles have a Flyin' Hawaiian of their own just like the Phillies.

I am not convinced that Gocong is the answer at weakside LB. Ditto for Considine. The loss of Rod Hood and Michael Lewis
could come back to bite us in the ass. And will William James be able to step up if someone gets hurt? I'm still surprised they didn't address this area in the draft.

One question... why did they move John Harbaugh to Defensive Backs coach? It's a good move for the DB's, a loss for special teams. Aiker's missed 43 yard field goal confirms in my mind what he's not allowed to say... he doesn't like Johnson holding for him. Rumor has it he prefers Rocca, even though he's new to holding.

And who was the Raven asshole who tried to cheat shot Rocca?

JJ, they moved Harbaugh basically to advance his career. I liked him as the special teams guy, but it's a pretty low rung on the ladder. He's moving up, probably will be a coordinator at some point.

I don't know who hit Rocca, but it was pretty funny seeing him get drilled, then laughing about it on the sideline. I think he can take a hit.

As for the secondary, I agree, we're going to miss Rod Hood, but Lewis was just garbage in coverage, hopefully Considine will be an upgrade there, at least. And if the LBs can actually make a tackle or two, run support from strong safety shouldn't be as much of an issue.

I envy you that you've seen them firsthand. I missed training camp this year and was really disappointed.

Do you think William James can cover if someone gets hurt? He's a little bigger, but his injury was pretty serious with the Giants. Can he keep up?

I agree that Considine was an improvement over Lewis, but Lewis played better after he lost his starting role. Now that they didn't draft in the secondary, they are a little thin and that worries me. How did they look in training camp?

And have you seen Max Jean Guiles, and will he provide the protection for McNabb?

The most memorable thing MJG did the day I was at camp was get into a fight. He's big, and he has an attitude, hopefully that translates.

If everyone stays healthy, the secondary is a strength, if brown or lito get hurt, we could be in some trouble, but Joselio Hanson got some quality reps last year, maybe he turns into a poor-man's Rod Hood.

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