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WOW... I would have thought Skidmark earned the Player of the Game award with that strike out, caught stealing play in the second. Clemens and Posada cooked that up masterfully! I haven't seen that used in the majors before!

And the old Rodger was back when he plunked Maybin the next at bat after his first ML homer...Welcome to the Majors, rookie (although I don't think he meant to hit him, just move him off the plate.)

I'm not a Farnsworth fan, but isn't that three good appearances in a row now?
You gotta love when he struck out Sheff with the whole stadium chanting. Looking at how lousy the Phils bullpen did after the Yankees, even Farnsworth is better than what we've got in our middle relief.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 19 at 12:19

so, in the very very very very very very back of my head, i have this idea--what if farnsworth somehow got his shit together ala Viz in may? Does anyone thnk its possible? ...


Clemens was clutch today, but I had this feeling the Yankee bats were going to let him down, Abreu's homer broke through and opened the flood gates, that's why I gave it to him.

Yep, 3 straight solid performances for Farnsworth, who woulda thunk it?


My blood pressure goes through the roof every time I see him come into the game. I'll say this about him getting his shit together, if he's going to do it, he has to do it in non-pressure situations, and he has to string together five or six good outings before I want to see him in a big spot. Just for my sanity.

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