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My favorite part of that Gary Busey commercial is when Busey and the other creepy guy hug. It's a very weird hug.

Everything about Gary Busey is creepy. This commercial haunts me.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 20 at 23:25

does anyone think the beach balls are a liiitttllle bit out of hand....

When I was at Angel Stadium two weeks ago, I swore I would pop any beach ball that came near me. It never happened, unfortunately. I hate them at baseball games, and they're even worse at Dodger Stadium. I can't pop one there, though, because that's my home crowd and I don't really want them turning on me. But, beach balls don't belong at baseball games. And I'll stand by that forever.

Yes, they are. One time they stopped the game to get some guy's fedora off the field. Friggin' hipsters.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 20 at 23:32

they seem almost as annoying as the nonstop sound effects and music and video screen crap at basketball games. Almost.

I like the mascot and cheerleaders with the T-shirt bazooka at hoops games.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 21 at 0:56

the do or die decisive moment for farnsworth if h e comes in...

I'm still in shock from that Betemit play. Wow. Joe really needs to give Farnsworth the same treatment he gave Edwar earlier in the year. Just forget he's on the team unless it's a 10-run game.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 21 at 2:00

the yanks lost this game on the little things...im SOOOOO freakin mad.

hughes 5 walks
gary matthews hustle double on hughes
arods foul popup
viscaino over u sing the slider
cano error
torre putting henn in over edwar
henn?!?! weve seen him once in 2 months, in a mop up game! are u kidding?

gimme donnie M or joe girardi, please...

This is a tough one to swallow, especially with the Moose going tomorrow. They might be lucky to win one game in this series.

What a shame to see Hughes give up 5 walks! That's shooting yourself in the foot. Would rather see a pitcher give up an honest hit than walk guys.

What's up Buddy, no Letter to the skipper?

Let's try and keep some faith here, even though it looks like we are gonna gonna get shelled over the next 2 days! Baseball has a way of taking odd twists and turns, especially this time of year.

Do you think Joe should return next year? Or should it be Donnie or Girardi?


Stayed up till 1:45 watching that damn game last night, would like to see a win tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Moose can do us proud against Escobar. They can't all be winners for the Angels, right?



I have zero confidence in Moose tonight. If they're going to win, they're going to have to shell Escobar.

As for next year, I really don't know. I think the "Joba rules" are a slap in Joe's face, and the organizational moves in the pen (trading proctor, demoting Bruney, DFA'ing Myers) were all not-so-subtly messages from the front office that they don't like the way he's handling the pen. If that's the case, and they've lost confidence in him, I'm not sure he comes back next season.

If he's gone, I'd like to see Donnie take over. I like Girardi, and I think he does really well with young guys (like he did in FLA), but I don't think he'd command the respect of the older guys. Donnie would. Girardi as bench coach, that I could get behind.

This is Sean Henn's quote with regard to the game-winning hit he gave up last night:

"When you start a guy off 2-0, they're definitely standing there a little bit more comfortable. I'm just trying to throw strikes, and I'm not a guy that's going to put it exactly where I want it."

Read that second sentence again. What does it mean? Is he saying he can't pitch?

I think he's saying he can't pitch well. Or that he isn't a control pitcher. Or that he's a moron.

Probably all of the above.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 21 at 16:18

Thats ridiculous that he said that. Meanwhile isnt chris Britton tearin shit up in AAA??

Britton's numbers are OK in AAA. You can see them here.

Henn is a mop-up guy to me. Only to be used when there are no other viable options, or the game is out of reach, one way or the other. Unfortunately, he had to be used there.

The one thing I have a problem with, and I don't know if I got into this last night, is that Joe should've used Mo for 2 last night. He brought him in for the 9th, which was questionable, but I liked the move. At that point, you're committing to 2 innings from him. I realize that probably means he can't pitch tonight, but you can use Edwar and Joba for 3 innings tonight, if not 4, if the game is close, and you can't mail in any games at this point of the season.

If mo pitches the 10th, you still have to piece together the 11th minimum, but it probably would've gotten the Yankee bats another shot, and that's all you can hope for at that point.

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