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I still can't believe it. Trotter was projected as the starting MLB. Maybe he was offered some role with the Eagles or in broadcasting and decided to retire?

I have no idea. This took me by complete surprise. Looking forward to the press conference.

This sounds like a complete ridiculous move. Even if he lost a step or two, he's still better than 90% of all the others.

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I'm reserving judgment until I hear the press conference.

This is another example of the Eagles having no regard for its players and treating them like disposable parts. Trott was a team leader and well liked by fans and players alike. Bad move.

Brian, did you see the press conference? Was Trott there with Reid when this was announced?

Unfortunately, I couldn't find it online.

Here's some more info:

Trotter's cap number for this year: $3,090,000 ($2,650,000 base salary, $440,000 signing bonus)

Could they be clearing some cap space to sign someone to an extension? I don't know who, maybe L.J.? That doesn't seem to make sense to me, especially with the injury and the type of money L.J. is looking for.

From everything I've read, Trott is sad, but not bitter, and he's going to look for work elsewhere. I just hope he doesn't land in the NFC East, and come back to hurt us.

Supposedly Strahan will be back for Saturday up in New York, but isn't in football shape. The absolute last place I'd like to see Trott land is the Giants. That's where he could do the most damage. I'll bet they're the first people to call him.

I think the Eagle front office holds grudges and punishes anyone who makes mention of contracts. If you so as fart in their general direction when your contract is coming up for renewal, you're outta here. I doubt LJ will be back.

Rumor also has it that if Kolb,Feeley and McNabb make it through the pre-season healthy that Kelly Holcomb is heading to Atlanta. Wow... now there's a battle of QB titans... Joey Harrington vs. Kelly Holcomb. The best we can hope for in a trade would probably be a third round pick.

I'd take a third-rounder for Holcomb. That would make the deal Darwin Walker, a conditional pick in 2008 (I think I read this was a fifth or sixth round pick) for Takeo Spikes and a third round pick from Atlanta (who is going to be terrible this year). That's a great deal for the Eagles.

I don't think this Trotter thing is about animosity, like it was last time. I think it was just a cold business decision. He's not worth that kind of money with the way he's been playing.

I'm really sad to see him go. I kinda wish they'd resign him for the vet. minimum, but I'm not even sure if that's possible.

Where do you think he'll land, Brian?
(Please, don't say the Giants)

The Giants are definitely a possibility. Maybe the Colts? Who knows.

I'm hoping he retires, don't want to face him and honestly, he was never effective outside of JJ's system, so it's not going to be pretty wherever he goes.

I hate to say this, but the Eagle front office has been cruelly effective at recognizing when they can't extract the optimum value from their players. Look at Corey Simon, Shawn Barber, Deuce Staley, Ike Reese, Todd Pinkston, etc..... None of these guys did as well for their next teams as they did for the Eagles.

It's a cruel system the Eagle front end uses, as it treats players like they're disposable. But it's a profitable system, and that's the name of the game. As fans we hate to lose our favorites, but more than anything, we want to win.

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