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The green jerseys are an acquired taste, but it's not like they wear them a lot.

There's nothing wrong with a red jersey, though. Red is a classic color, and sometimes it's nice to see something different than the normal white or gray. The Cincinnati Reds seem to have gotten by with a red jersey for quite a while.

All "bib" jerseys must be outlawed. The Angels have one, as do the Rockies, Devil Rays, and I'm sure others that I've forgotten at the moment. They're ridiculous, and they often involve an upturn of the seam at the shoulder, like the jersey is seconds away from flying off the player.

I hate all "special" jerseys, in all sports. This isn't just me being anti-Boston, I hate it when the Eagles wear black jerseys, I hate it when the Sixers wear their special unis.

The only thing I like is throwback night, but only if it involves the White Sox and the year they wore collared, long-sleeve jerseys and shorts. I will find a picture of that before the night is over, by the way.

No Gagne for the Sox tonight. They brought Papelbon in with 2 out in the eighth to relieve Okajima.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 21 at 22:20

this is gonna be a long game if the calls arent goin, moose isnt going, and escobar IS going...

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 21 at 22:23

lol 2 consectutive innings with misplays between abreu and melky if u go back to yesterday...i hope its a coincidence?

Figgins was out. Son of a bitch.

Mussina, popping the glove with 85 mph fastballs. Wonderful.

Who was Moose trying to blame for his sorry night? Molina? After he just took a charge for the guy? Funny after your whole rant about him not showing emotion. He finally shows it and it's directed at his "personal catcher".

This is turning into a very ugly game, for all concerned. I'm hoping for 30 runs combined.

This will be a nice test for the Changeup kid..

I meant to talk about those fireworks in my post about Angel Stadium, but I had so much to cover and I forgot.

I like them during the national anthem, but only because there is plenty of time for the smoke to clear before the game starts. But after a home run, it's insanely smoky. The outfielders probably have a hard time breathing for a few minutes there. Maybe that's the Angels' intention.


He failed. One pitch away from getting out of it, too.

I think Joe is going to let him go three or four, I think he settles down.


Seriously, it looked like the English Channel, or some other foggy place, out on the field. Unbelievable.

He almost got out of it, it was a bad sequence called my Molina..

I went back on my DVR to see if he shook him off, I don't think he did. Anderson was looking for the change the entire at bat. If he throws a fastball right down the middle there he freezes him.

Agree, Anderson had the change timed, he throw 4 or 5 changes in that abat, a Mussian fastball would of frooze him..

I'm still watching. And my goodness, Garret Anderson is having quite a night.

I really am a glutton for punishment. I have a ton of work to do tonight, but I know I'm going to watch the rest of this game. Sean Henn is on his way to Scranton on the red eye tonight, I wonder how much more punishment they'll let him take.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 22 at 1:47

props for watching the whole thing, i couldnt watch without yelling and waking my house up. jesus that was painful.

Thanks, but I wish I hadn't been watching when Torre brought the Viz in.

The good news is that he can use Joba and Mo for three, or maybe even four innings tomorrow night, if need be.

You spoke of the retro uniforms....
Nothing is worse than those powder blue jerseys the Eagles had Jevon Kearse model earlier this summer. If they wear those uniforms, they'll get the shit kicked out of them and have their manhood questioned, guaranteed.

I seriously hope the Eagles aren't going to wear those jerseys in a game.

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