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Sometimes I like to have a battle in my head between S.A.S. and Bill Walton. It's sort of like MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch/PTI/Around the Horn (with Kellerman, because Tony R is a dickweed) all rolled into one.

Stephen A. is constantly saying....AND QUITE FRANKLY
while Bill Walton is saying....ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE

Ya, I have nothing better to think of sometimes.

I'd pay money to see those two in the octagon.

Hold on a sec Brian, there's still hope for us bloggers. According to the Inquirer, he's being offered a more general sports beat. At least that's what I read on Fanhouse. If that's the case, and he accepts (some dispute that he'll take it), then you know he'll slam our beloved Philadelphia franchises when the opportunity presents itself. If not, then I'm sure some other idiot trying to make a name for himself will fill the void.

It's quite a void to fill. I think it'd be funny if they made him a beat reporter. I kinda doubt he'll take the "lesser role" with the paper. I wouldn't stay at a job if my boss obviously thought I was a moron. I suspect he'll be relocating to Bristol permanently.

In May 2006, the Inquirer and Daily News were sold to Brian Tierney and Bruce Toll, co-founder of Toll Bros. homes. Both men are ultra conservative white boys and the Inky is now a reflection of that. Stephen Smith is not the only one on their hit list.

That said, although Smith was a moron when it came to baseball, he was right about one thing. Pat Gillick is a terrible GM. The Phils would have made the playoffs at least one of the last three years if he had the ability to tell shit from shineola. Look at the money the Phils wasted this year alone on Garcia, Lieber, Eaton, Gordon, Barajas and Helms.

And wherever Gilligan's been, he's gutted the minor league system of an organization trading for old guys and when he departs, the team and its farm system are decimated. Just look at Seattle, Toronto and Baltimore Orioles. The damage he's done in those organizations took years to fix and Baltimore's still not right.

Sorry for getting off topic there... (it happens when your team gets spanked in their own home.)
I doubt Stephen A. will stay in Philly as a beat reporter. He's not in town enough to cover Philly sports anyway.

i think starbury just had a few too many beer.

He isn't Canadian. That's no excuse.

Brian, I see this is the biggest Sixers-related (?) news (????) that happened while I was on vacation... nice

I never liked SAS too, even if I didn't hate him either. I think he is a somehow talented writer that simply gave no insider info and whose analysises were weak, to say the least

and the few times I watched him on the ESPN (through the Internet), I had some good laughs just hearing his voice

I definitely won't miss him

Welcome back, Ricky. Not much going on in Sixers-ville recently. Dalembert is playing for the Canadians, Iggy still hasn't signed an extension...

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