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I dig the new logo, but the old one with the Thor look-alike was pretty cool, too.

It's obviously a ploy to get me to buy another t-shirt the next time I go down there for a game. Bastards.

Thor doesn't look very tough in that logo.

Yeah, it's always about the dollars.

And I disagree -- Thor always looks tough.

i have to get a new trenton thunder hat now.

Let's see if anyone will get this classic 80s movie reference:


Take back what you said about Thor.

I had to look it up. My brother taunted me mercilessly when he caught me watching that movie, but I don't have any recollection of that line.

I watched that movie so many times as a child, I probably still have it memorized. It was genius filmmaking.

And, for those who don't know, I refer to the Elisabeth Shue classic, featuring a young Vincent D'Onofrio as Thor, "Adventures in Babysitting".

cashman shoud be gm of the year for not getting gagne . joba is disgusting hitting 99 last night dominating the heart of every line up up hope his arm holds up... we need damon in the lineup if hes hitting and on base the yankes are unstoppable..play thi giambino at first and bring in phillips in late innings .. seattle cant stay this hot all year they dont have the pitching .. id say were a lock for the wild card or maybe better.. see u in october thats yankee time

Best case scenario, the Yanks catch the Sox, the Mariners pass the Angels and the Yanks get home field throughout.

Second best case scenario, the Mariners pass the Angels and the Yanks get the Wild Card.

Joba's arm is going to hold up. If anything, he's going to get bored from pitching so little. He's the next Mo, I'm tellin' ya.

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