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I didn't see that Granderson at-bat live (because I'm watching 300 on DVD) but according to ESPN Gamecast, it was ten pitches, ending in a triple. That's a good AB.

11 pitches. Even better.

I just watched 300 last night, pretty entertaining. I didn't count the pitches, was going by Michael Kay's count, which is never advisable.

Saw it when it came out, loved it, so now I can watch it at home and also pay attention to other things at the same time.

ESPN is confused, because it is telling me that Melky was thrown out trying to steal second.

Nah, he stole it. Big at bat here for Posada.

So it's 2:45 in the morning in Detroit, right? How many people are still in the stands?

Quite a few, actually.

They've been showing kids sound asleep in their seats, and there are a bunch of rowdy teenagers raising hell in the stands as well.

This is actually a game that would be really fun to be at.

Tough loss.

Now go to bed.

:) Crying myself to sleep.

I hope Henn is gone for Kennedy or somebody. Thats 2 heart-breaking losses on his watch on this road-trip.

Henn's a stiff. I don't know what the answer is. Joe only used everyone out of the pen for 1 inning, I have to think he could've pushed Edwar and/or The Viz for 2. The Viz definitely, if Joe hadn't used him in that blowout on Tuesday.

Very, very frustrating game last night (this morning), let's hope tonight turns out a little better.

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