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ok seattle lost i can live with this loss.. but back to the raindelay game.. torre lost that game by himself.. mistake # 1 lead off man on dont bunt cano he hits into a dp mistake # 2 pinch hitting the giambino for damon.. giambi was riding pine for 8 hours no way he hitting a home run there.. a single by damon and a stolen base and were in busdiness.. #3 the biggest of all.. how do u not pitch mo, joba or even farnsworth for 2 innings???? u know whats left in the pen as soon as hen comesn in u know the game is over, granted a check swing single doesnt help but basically we threw in the towel when hen came in we coulda avoided that for at least 3 more innings and worst of all we have the meat of the order due up in the next inning why not thow mo??? Joe its been a great ride but all those hit and run dps have burned me out .. see u next year mr girardi

It's getting harder and harder to defend him.

As far as the bullpen goes, I really think he's pissed that the front office is basically tying his hands. They traded Proctor out from under him, then cut Myers and sent Bruney down. Basically, they said these are the guys you can use, and this is how you have to use them.

Tomorrow night, I think he's going to burn Joba, meaning he's only available for 1 game against Boston. I guess at this point Boston is just like any other team, so it isn't that big of a deal. They have to concentrate on winning the Wild Card. The division isn't going to happen unless Boston loses 10 in a row or something.

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