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Good analysis of the game and I share many of your concerns. That D-line still looks light to me. And Kearse is lighter in his playing weight than I ever remember him being. And why is there a competition between Sav Rocca and Dirk Johnson anyway? After his second quarter punt when the Birds took a penalty on the kickoff and he STILL placed the ball down around the nine yard line, should there really be any question about this guy's leg?

In terms of announcers, Madden should have retired ten years ago. He uses the same old cliches over and over in his ramblings. I was stunned to hear he was drafted by the Eagles... (21st round, 1958) maybe that explains his dislike of them.

When is the next cut? What players do you think are on the bubble?


I'll be shocked if Holcomb isn't traded by then. I have no idea what to make of Kolb playing that much last night.

The d-line is still small, and LBs didn't impress me.

I believe today is the cut to 75 players, and Sept. 1 is the cut to 53 players. The first probably doesn't mean much, the real questions will be answered on Sept. 1.

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