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Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 27 at 23:05

totally agree with everything, except in my gut i KNOW that joe aint callin up Ian Kennedy. It's gonna be Igawa or White, and it's gonna be totally the wrong move, obviously.

The Astros fired their manager and GM...because they fell from world series competitors(i use that term loosely) to garbage quickly. When the announcers were talking about the GM of the Tigers, i figured out something that yall might know already, which is that the best GMs are more pre-emptive and less reactive. kind of obvious, i k now.

yanks havent had many impressive pre-emptive moves compared to some of the other good MLB teams, if it wasnt for the dough they have, both cash and torre would be assed out, as much as I dont wanna say it.

Wow. Moose has been a great pitcher for a long time. But something is wrong with him - either he totally lost his stuff, or he's hiding an injury. But the point is I'm not going to call him names or break on him... he does need to go, though. That was his last chance, in my opinion. Joe Torre needs to put him down, and give a chance to someone new - either the Yankees trade for someone who clears waivers (sh*t, should have gotten David Wells, huh?), or they have to call up Ian Kennedy. Or give Joba a chance as a starter. They have to roll the dice here.

As for tonight, at least Joe Torre didn't use anyone too important out of the bullpen - he doesn't use Edwar in a crucial situation anyway, and Henn and Bruney are also unimportant.

Honestly, I'm happy with the job Cashman is doing. He's putting a competitive team on the field while still rebuilding. I know it sounds silly to say a team w/ a payroll over $200M is rebuilding, but that's what's happening here. He didn't give away any of the young arms in a knee-jerk deadline deal. The signings they made (outside of Igawa) were short-term deals for older pitchers, which should (or should have) given the Yanks a legit shot at a ring this year without bogging them down with stupid salaries three or four years down the road.

Joe, on the other hand, has used up just about all of the leverage he won with the four rings. His use of the pen has been downright criminal in some cases, and his reluctance to use young guys is holding the team back.

I'm pretty sure he's a lame duck, and I think the front office is treating him as such (the Joba rules are a great example of this). If the brass wants Kennedy to take that spot in the rotation, they'll force it on him.

That being said, I agree with you. It's going to take some pressure from somewhere for Joe to take Moose out of the rotation. The only problem is that it has to happen, and it has to happen now.


Yep, Edwar is the only guy I consider valuable that was used in tonight's game, and he should be available tomorrow (he only threw one inning). I'm guessing that Henn won't be on the active roster by game time tomorrow, plus, he's horrible, so I have no problem with Joe using him for 79 pitches in this disaster.

I think the Joba as a starter ship has sailed. The reason they stated for moving him to the pen was that he was coming close to reaching his innings allotment for the season. Plus, I don't think they'd just throw him back in that role after a month coming out of the pen. They're babying him, and if that's what they believe in, they should continue to do so. (Personally, I don't think young pitchers throw enough, but that's neither here nor there).

For my money, it's Ian Kennedy or nothing. We know what Igawa, Clippard and DeSalvo are going to give us, and it isn't enough. Give the kid a chance, he can't do any worse than Moose has. It'll only be one start, then they can use the off day to reshuffle the rotation and re-assess anyway.

Mussina could have pitched a three hit one run game and the team would have still lost. From what the ESPN announcers were saying, before the game the team was talking about how the Mariners have a tougher schedule ahead than they do. If that is what they are counting on, they are in serious trouble.

finally a great spot to use sean henn !!!!


This is a serious, serious problem if the guys were actually saying that prior to the game. I disagree w/ the 1-run logic though. I think the Yanks mailed this game in when they went down 6-0 in the first.

I'm also wondering if the team has zero faith in Mussina, and pretty much went in expecting a loss.


Agreed on Henn. I would've left him out there to rot for the rest of the game. He has to be gone by tomorrow night.

Yeah, I agree on the "zero faith" assessment. There was a quote in today's Daily News, where A-Rod was raving about what he's heard on Ian Kennedy's stuff (even though he's never even see Kennedy pitch himself). This was before Moose pitched yesterday.

I'm betting the Yankees would be energized by Kennedy, especially if he pitches well. It's time to roll the dice....


Just read in the Star Ledger that Britton has been called up, I would imagine that Henn is gone.


Nice catch Aaron. It looks like Henn is on his way back to Scranton. Here are Chris Britton's stats.

The Yanks acquired him in the Jaret Wright deal last Winter, he pitched for the Orioles in '06, and put up decent numbers. Hopefully Joe will get him some work.

Don't get too happy if Moose if taken out of the starting rotation for now. Torre loves his veterans and could be giving him a rest and put him back in the starting lineup later (case in point, Adam Eaton, who is returning tonight after two weeks off... wince). I could see Torre making the same mistake.

Off topic, but sometimes good news comes from the most unlikely places. Kyle Farnsworth has looked great in his last seven appearances, in 7 innings pitched, he's walked 2, given up 1 hit, struck out 8 and I don't think he's given up a single run. Whoda thunk it?


We've gone through that as well, with Kei Igawa. If Mussina is dropped from the rotation, then there would probably have to be a reason to bring him back (like whoever took his place isn't getting the job done). If that's the case, then fine. The experiment didn't work. All I know is that Mussina is pitiful right now, and he isn't showing any signs of improvement. It's time they give someone else a shot, the season really could be riding on it.

Oh, and sorry about Eaton, at least Utley's back!

I know, Farsworth has been lights-out. One more good outing and I'm going to have to write an official apology.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 28 at 13:05

apology my ass lol u should go write a thank you note to Gator regarding farnsworth

At least you guys have someone you can bring up to fill Mussina's role. We've brought up our young guys already, and there's no one waiting in the wings. That's the advantage of the Yankees having a stocked farm system full of pitchers.

I'd wait a few outings on that apology to Farnsworth... he had a lot of rotten outings to make up for.

Here's one for ya Bri-

Is Jeter's health an issue as we go head into the home stretch?

From what I read he is battling knee problems (on top of whatever wear and tear he has incurred over this season).

I disagree with the folks who say Jeter has lost a step. he has always been a master at masking most of the injuries he's dealt with over the years, but losing a step, I don't think so.

It may take him longer to heal (b/c of age) but he always seems to come up big where it counts.

I posed this question to a fellow Yanks enthusiast last night while watching the game and he said........

"let me put it this way, Jeter may may take longer to heal, but if your are asking if I wanted Jeter 5 years ago at the plate, or Jeter today at the pate, the answer is Today's Jeter.

the man still puts up the numbers that are mind-boggling.

Your thoughts



That's a great question. From the look of things, he's definitely lost a step. His range is cut down, and he doesn't leg out the balls he used to.

Now, is this a sign of age, or are his knees really that bad? I have no idea, but I'm leaning toward injury to the knees.

One thing is for sure, you won't hear Jeter making any excuses. The guy may be seriously hobbled, but he's going to go out there play his ass off. I agree w/ your friend, he's become a much smarter hitter, and he always seems to get the job done, no matter what the job is.

I wouldn't be shocked to see Joe get him more days off down the stretch, when he can (especially if they play on turf), the only thing I hope is that the injury isn't something chronic. If his speed and range get progressively worse, the Yanks may have to find another position for him in a year or two, and I'd hate to see that.

Good discussion, Aaron and Brian. Here's another question...

If you move Jeter out of short,
do you move A-Rod to short?

And if you move Jeter, do you move him to 1st or the OF?

In terms of turning the DP, how do Jeter's stats compare to previous years?

As always, these are enjoyable discussions.

JJ, I don't really want to confront that discussion just yet. If forced, I think he'd probably move to first for the latter years of his career.

I don't really like moving A-Rod to short, because it's a harder position on the body, and would probably shorten his career at this point.

Jeter's still great at turning the DP, the only problem on D is a loss in range, especially up the middle.

I agree Brian his up the middle range is noticeable.

I guess I just it's hard sometimes to look at the cold hard facts when they're staring you in the face.

If A-rod doesn't come back, Do you fill in the hole at third, with say-Betemit or a minor leaguer for a year or two, then move Jeter over to third?

Hey, it worked for Cal!

btw- I have no problem comparing Jeter to Cal.

Unfortunately, the A-Rod question is another I'd rather not face at this point. But, if he goes, then I think this is definitely the route the Yanks will take. SS to 3rd is a good move, you don't need as much range, and he has the arm for it.

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