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Brian, when u have time, please break this down for me. You perhaps know I don't follow baseball (I barely know the main rules), but actually since reading your and other blogs I started to check the scores and the standings on mlb.com sometimes

my question is WHY IN THE HELL THEY PLAY SO MANY GAMES ?? it's freakking unbelievable to me that a team has like 3-4 days off in a month

I guess the reason is TV ratings/offer, tickets, marketing etc, but I know some marketing and if your offer of a product is too wide, the product loses value (we say "inflated").

As far as I know many baseball stadiums have a lot of empty seats (here you could enlighten me with some figures, if available) and that's no big news to me considering you have your team playing like 5 games in a week...

Maybe you can answer me here or write a specific post about this one of these days. What's your opinion?

FYI I think that also 2 NBA games are too many and I would cut them to around 60-66


rickey has no buisness reading this site he knows nothing about baseball... thank god for andy pettite so far so good 3-2 yanks jeter comes through again... i hope manny gets one between the eyes

am i dreamin or did i read a comment that jeter might move to 1b or the outfield??? what kind of people write on this site??? the only way jeter wont be playing short is if his small plane crashes into a manhattan building.. what is wrong with these people?? that must not know much about the yankee captian.

there are only 2 people who should be playin 1b for the yankees (3 if i count myself) the giambino or bettemit...phillips is becoming an automatic out he needs to ride pine with duncan and forarm bash between innings. The gimbino isnt as bad as everyone thinks.. we need him and damon in the lineup every day.. even when gimbi hits .240 he has a .400 obp he must play every day!!!


Baseball is a marathon, they play 162 because they can. If I was the commish I'd have them playing more. There's nothing better than coming home from work to a baseball game.


Giambi clogs up the bases and makes Joe forget about manufacturing runs. On certain nights, he should be in there, but not on nights when it's going to take a bunt, stolen base or hit and run to get that big run across (like tonight).

Leave Ricky alone, his from your homeland, Italy.

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