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Mix Master Mu on Mar 14 at 16:50

Hey first time writer to your blog but have been reading it for the past month or two. I'm a huge Philly fan of every sport but live in Vermont so I get stuck watching the Celtics. The Bulls weren't very impressive last night but Tyrus Thomas seems to be coming into his own. I'm expecting a big game out of him and will take the Bulls in this game by 5. I'd like to here your thoughts on the upcoming draft and who you think the Sixers will be going after given their current positioning.


Sorry about being stuck watching the Celts. And I can't argue w/ your prediction for tonight.

As for the draft, check back in the next couple of days, I need to do some more homework, and I'm going to write something up on who they might/should/could/will target based on the current standings.

Thanks for the comment,


Mix Master Mu on Mar 14 at 17:12

Can I nominate Danny Ainge for douche bag of the week? Missing his son's tournament final to hang out with Durant's family. I hope the celts don't end up with a top 3 pick and somehow get Noah. That would make my day. Here is an article about it.


Well, Willie Green started, and Willie Green absolutely broke Ben Gordon's ankles. But the Bulls won the war, winning a game they had no business winning.

I know! I was absolutely shocked when Skiles had to yank Gordon a couple minutes in because Willie Green was lighting him up. That's Willie for ya, if his shots are going in, he's definitely going to take enough of them to do some damage.

The Bulls earned it with their work on the boards. Impressive.

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