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If ever there were a time for a retaliation HBP to be ridiculous, this would be it. No way in hell did Matsuzaka intend to hit A-Rod. There was no message there. The Yanks won the game. Clemens would be smart to let the win be the message, period.

Just to play devil's advocate, Dice-K buzzed about 5 Yankees, and drilled the Yankees' best player in the back. Clemens was watching, and he tends to hold a grudge. I think it's gonna happen, and it's gonna happen early so he can't be ejected or suspended. If Beckett retaliates, there may be ramifications.

Matsuzaka isn't afraid to throw inside, that's totally true. But, as all those who like beanball like to say, it's part of the game. And nobody knows that better than Roger Clemens, which is why he should also know that Matsuzaka hitting someone was merely a by-product of the inside game, and not intentional.

If Clemens hits someone intentionally, he is, once again, making it seem as if the entire purpose of pitching inside is to hit someone.

I don't think Clemens has any qualms about hitting someone on purpose. Even if Dice-K was "just throwing inside" he still hit A-Rod. The message Clemens would be sending, in his own mind, would be "Be more careful when you come inside to our guys, or one of your guys is going to get drilled."

That's at least the second time Dice-K has hit A-Rod this season. He's not 'buzzing the light tower' on accident. In the first game he pitched he went high and tight and then looked directly into the BOSox dugout because they had shown a clip from where Julian Tavarez was explaining to Dice-K to throw up and in on A-Rod because he's 'afraid'.

I fully believe he's doing this on purpose and I'm surprised Pettitte didn't do something about it last night.

Big Papi is going to hit the dirt tonight and it will be well deserved.

There a few ifs in this statement, but I'll say it anyway.

If Papi comes up with no one on and two out in the top of the first AND Manny isn't in the lineup behind him, he's probably getting drilled.

drill papi like he's a stripper who needs rent money.

Are you saying Clemens should "Make it rain?"

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