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Good game last night.

Brian you must be relieved to see your boy Mussina go. I for one am psycked to see what this Kid Kennedy can do!

On a side note, I think we should discuss a different player here everyday, look what came from our Jeter conversation yesterday. The Captain Jacked one.

Here's hoping we'll make it 2, we got the momentum!


Sorry forgot to add this in my last post-

Any news on Manny? Will he be playing tonight. So far can't seem to find anything, the sox must be keeping his ailment under wraps until they are forced to release the line-up.

I am all for "fair play" but a Sox team minus Manny sounds pretty damn good to me.

Hey we're 7 back, we'll take what we can get.


That game, last night, is exactly what I meant by Jeter always does what he needs to do. Two out, no one on, tie game, late in the game, a single probably doesn't really help us there, so he swings for the bomb, and hits it.

You never really know what's going on with Manny. He's so lazy I can't really tell the difference between a hurt Manny and a slacking Manny. If he doesn't play tonight, it's advantage Yanks.

Here's the question of the day: Who does Clemens hit, and when does he hit him?

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 29 at 12:38

good question....i'm all for hitting manny but if mannys out hit david ortiz. everyone and their mama thinks its all good to go after our best player, or go close to hitting him, so do likewise. when he does it is a good question, though

I think you hit Ortiz. That bastard never, ever gets hit (he's never been hit more than 4 times in a year!!!!), and he's their best. If he's gonna hit someone, it should be our best for your best.

Here's some more perspective:

The Sox have hit A-Rod 3 times this year.

The Sox have hit Jeter 16 times in 178 games over his career.

The Yanks have hit David Ortiz 0 times in 100 career games, 382 at bats.

The last time the Yanks hit Manny was September of 2005.

I agree, go after Ortiz. He's what the sox consider their equivlant of arod anyway.

That sends a message, first inning plunk.

stay away from the knee though, don't need to risk serious injury.

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