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Not a single Met on here. I guess all the good players got picked first.

I was coming back from my Legends Field experience on draft day! Sure, my team is garbage, but I won't finish in last place. Take that to the bank!!

"Sure my team is garbage, but I won't finish in last place."

Mike, you really are a Mets' fan, aren't you.

(no offense Kingman)

Them's fightin words . . .

Ah, man... I would have loved to club some other blogs' ass in fantasy baseball. I'm very good at fantasy baseball. Too bad.

You need a better 2B, but Durham is okay for a 16-team league. I would think about maybe trying to acquire Cantu or Kinsler cheap (or Kendrick, but I doubt anyone is sleeping on him), or maybe even giving Kaz Matsui (Rockie now) a look. Seriously, Coors Field is going back to no-humidifier, so scoring is going to go back to softball scores. The rest of the IF is terrific.

Your top three starters are really good, your relievers are okay. Keep an eye out for cheap saves, no doubt. I always do that, too.

The outfield is suspect. Abreu is solid, but Francoeur and Swisher scare me. I would try to pick up Hermida or Baldelli for cheap, if possible. Maybe trade Swisher for Baldelli plus something....

Good luck to you. Keep us updated!

Trust me, I had all of those guys ahead of Durham on my list except Matsui (anti-Mets bias I suppose) I took him #157 overall, which was about where he was on my list. The steals of the draft were Adrian Gonzalez, got him #228 in the 15th round. And Youkilis, #317 in the 20th.

I was obligated by law to take Melky with my last pick.

OF is rough, but those guys should put up decent numbers. Swisher's 27, which seems to be a magical age for hitters, and Francoeur...yeah, he blows, but it was pretty bleak at that point of the draft. Names like Randy Winn were nearing the top of my list and I didn't want to be stuck in that situation.

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