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I think you are absolutely right for the most part. The rotation - whether 3/5 or 4/5 - is looking good. We know Wang is the real, and Hughes has shown it, too. Kennedy we'll find out about when he makes his debut. Chamberlain should be the closer of the future, like Papelborn in Boston.

And Melky and Cano will be around for years (especially Cano).

However, I have my doubts about Shelly Duncan. He isn't starting material. He'll go the route of other "older" rookies the Yankees have had recently - guys like Shane Spencer and Andy Philips - and be a bench player for a couple of seasons. The Yankees still need to replace Posada (who is going to get a new contract because there is no replacement); eventually they are going to have to replace Jeter and Giambi (they missed their chance with Texiera).

As it stands, though, I would throw the bank at Johan Santana and re-sign A-Rod. You could get by with that team for a long time with pitching like Santana, Wang, Hughes, Pettite/Clemens, and A-Rod and Jeter holding up the offense (with Cano, Damon, Matsui, and Melky).

Isn't Abreu a free agent at the end of the year? I'm guessing he'll be gone, too?

How many years are left on Damon and Giambi's contracts?

The Yanks hold a $16M option on Abreu. I think they probably pick it up. They can buy out Giambi's contract at the end of the season, I think the buyout is pretty cheap too, and Damon has 1 year left on his deal? No, he has 2 years left. It was a four-year deal.

SML, you're probably right about Shelley, but it is a possibility at this point, albeit a slim one. They shouldn't have to replace Jeter for at least 4 or 5 years, so that's a back burner issue right now. The immediate concern next year (beyond the obvious Posada/A-Rod/Mo resignings) will be 1b. I'd expect some kind of a trade to happen.

Does Texiera have one more year left on his deal,
or is he a free agent next season? In any case, I don't see Atlanta shelling out to keep him so he's got to be a possibility.

He's a FA after next season. Part of me thinks Barry Lamar Bonds might be a 1-year answer at first base.

what part of you? wait, don't answer that.

Pituitary gland.

got any predictions on tonight's contest?

I think Clemens will come up big, He's a gamer!

Yanks 7-2

East down to 6

Prediction: Yanks 8, Sox 5. Clemens cruises after getting a big cushion.

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