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I'm reading that Clemens hit Pedroia in the first inning but I missed it on TV. Was it drama?

Nah, the munchkin leaned into an inside pitch, took it off the elbow guard. Ortiz is up now with two out and a man on third. This would be a good time to drill him.

"Disgraceful" might be a word used to describe A-Rod's base running skills to lead off the third.

You know, something that actually impacts the game.

I use "aggressive" for A-Rod's play. "Disgraceful" could also describe Beckett's performance thus far, or Coco Crisp's dive after that triple (missed it by 5 feet).

Beckett's got a devastating curve and slider and I'm glad we don't face him anymore. As much as I hate him, I wish he was pitching for the Phils. I may not be a Boston fan, but I envy their pitchin

You two are really getting into it....I'm going to take Erin in the cage match.

True. Coco is an idiot. I hate him. You won't find an argument here.

The fine line between aggressive and disgraceful should be defined by the outcome. In this case, it was an out to lead off the inning.

The Yankees killed Beckett in the first with ground balls that found holes, a dribbler back to the pitcher, and an error.

Then in the third, they have a runner at third, only one out. And Posada and Giambi strike out. Hardly beating him to the ground at this point.

Poor JJ. I wish I didn't have to root against the Phillies for the Dodgers' sake.

In all fairness, I wrote my last comment before Posada and Giambi K'd.

The dribbler and error didn't score anyone. Matsui and A-Rod both drilled their balls, but alas, no runs.

Why is Paul McCartney a Yankee fan? He's British. Doesn't he know what "Yankee" means?

I'm just glad I don't have to see Affleck in the front row.

Instead of Affleck, you gotta see Alec Baldwin....must be using the wide camera lens to fit in that giant head.

I'm dreading the obligatory Billy Crystal close-up. That guy looks like he just got back from the embalmers.

Crystal looks like he OD'd on Botox.

They've already shown him twice. He's not with the Penny Marshall, Lorne Michaels, Alec Baldwin, Paul McCartney group (a different sort of Fab Four), but he's there.

The ESPN guys are debating whether or not it's kosher to talk about a no-hitter while it's going on. It's an odd debate, since they've now said "no-hitter" about six times while discussing whether they should say it.

Roger Clemens has a no-hitter through four. There. I said it.

One of these leadoff walks is going to come back to bite Clemens in the ass.

I said it up top. There is no such Jinx (and Clemens doesn't have no-hit stuff tonight)

Wish those damn announcers would shut the hell up... It's bad luck for Roger to talk about a no-hitter, esp. when he doesn't have his best stuff tonight.

Burrell just missed a grand slam by about a foot.
Brian, there's a possible answer for the Yankees at first.... Pat Burrell. He's a liability in Left, but was originally a 3rd baseman and would be adequate at 1st.

Why would I want him to leave the Phils?

I don't. I like the guy and would like to see him stay but Pat will always have people riding his ass here in Philly because he was the 1st round pick after the JD Drew disaster. The idiots from 610 WIP and local papers will never let up on the guy. He could have ten great games and one bad game, and he'd be booed for it.

Pat would be a great Yankee. And we might pick up a young pitcher in return. We got a lot of talent in the OF waiting to come up. It would be a win-win for both teams.

Credit where credit is due: That was a great double play. I didn't think they had a prayer of turning it.

Farnsworth for Burrell, that's my final offer.

Ortiz broke up the no-hitter exactly the way they should always be broken up.

Best shot of the night on the ESPN broadcast so far--looking for who's warming up in the bullpen, the camera stays on the enclosed portion, where someone in there has got his pants around his ankles. Someone should remind the Yankee pitchers that people can see through those windows.

Farnsworth might be looking better, but Burrell's on fire (.450 in August). Hopefully Gilligan wouldn't be stoopid enough to do that one.

Do they have a pitch limit on Clemens? His pitch count is close to 100 now. Phils pulled old Jaime Moyer on 99 pitches. Will Guidry let Clemens stay in if he wants to continue pitching?

He's gone upwards of 120 this year, but I think he probably won't come out for the 7th, he started to lose it in the 6th.

Probably Farnsworth, the Viz and Mo for the last three.

The Yanks don't have a lefty in the pen for Ortiz, just something to keep in mind.

This is fogey night on the mound... Clemens, Moyer and Maddux are all pitching tonight.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 29 at 21:40

viz before kyle??

an interesting choice to say the least....

If you strike out 3 times in a game,
it's a Hat trick.

If you strike out 4 times in a game,
it's the Golden Sombrero.

What is it if you strike out 5 times
in a game?

Looks like the Viz before the Viz.

Can you believe Beckett is still in this game?


We always called three K's a racist. I don't think I've ever seen someone strike out 5 times in a game. We'd probably just call him a scrub.

Well Aaron Rowand might be a scrub on his 30th birthday... that's gotta suck. HR A-Rod... breathing room for whoever pitches the 8th.
Beckett's gone now.

Ridiculous that Beckett was still in. Put the nail in the coffin, most likely.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 29 at 21:56

i read somewhere, there are 3 players this year who had 5 ks. Melky did i t once, Andruw Jones, and i think delmon young.

Good call Prez. Melky did it on 7/7/07. If you're ever bored, check out this site. It's good for hours of enjoyment.

That's one rotten game to have 5 SO in the same game....

Good thing you didn't write that apology to Farnsworth, Brian. Those announcers jinxed him when they said he hadn't given up a run in the last seven games.

That home run from A-Rod sure looms large now. Good going, Francona.

Prezs2ReprsntMe on Aug 29 at 22:12

like i said, viz FOLLOWED by kyle? fuck joe torre. jesus. i mean farnsworth too, but still.

It's like watching a game of "I can make worse bullpen decisions than you can." Advantage Francona, temporarily.

Who's Player of the Game?

Mr. Rivera. This game could've gotten away from them in the eighth, he shut them down.

It was great watching the game with you guys (and gal). Thanks for all the comments.

Erin, you're still my favorite Sox fan.

Wow, I missed all the fun. Well, not actually - I was at the game tonight. First game I made it to all year long. Great game.

Wow, I missed all the fun. Well, not actually - I was at the game tonight. First game I made it to all year long. Great game.

I'm jealous.

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