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Amen Brian, I agree 100%.

We cannot accept anything but a win here. For no other reason than to prove once and for all that we are the real deal, and deserve to be where we are.

It's been a great series, who could ask for more? Not only did we collect 2 wins, but we beat there ace (with a demoralizing 13 hits) and we have the momentum going into the final contest. (and the weekend).

Schilling is poised for a loss, we own him this year especially A-rod. When we're done knockin him around they can bring in GAG-ne for a hit parade.

I guess we were both right in our predictions, Clemens rolled, and did what he needed to.
Now it's up to Wang, and I for one think he is gonna come up huge today.

You gonna be doin any blogging during the game?

I can't stand Schilling either.

Wang is the only Yankee pitcher that I like to watch. Why? I don't know, but I enjoy watching him pitch. Think Cashman will pull a Beane and just put him on waivers for someone/anyone to pick up? Please!?!?

Also, didn't know if you saw or read this story.


Had to watch the game on TiVo today, I'll probably blog Phil Hughes' start live tomorrow night. The Wanger was unreal today, huh?


Thanks for that link, man. I completely disagree, and I may eat my words, but I don't think moving Joba to the rotation is such a good idea. Mo has a year or two left, at the most. This kid could be the next Mo, and provide the team with a dominant closer for the next decade. I think that's a vital part of any team, and it'd be great if they could get it internally.

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