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You may think Youk is whiny, but he didn't whine to the ump for a second. He looked at Chamberlain like, "what the hell are you doing?" and immediately stepped into the box and got another one thrown at his head. Hernandez threw out Chamberlain right away, and there was no time for Youk to whine. I saw it six or seven times, and never saw Youk say a word.

Though, even if he did, I'm not sure what the problem is. Dude threw at his head.

I beg to differ, check the post for visual confirmation that the first thing he did was whine to the ump. Youkilis is a whiner, if you're cool with that, fine. I just hate guys like that, always have.

If it's whining to say to an ump, "what the hell is that?" after a punk kid throws at your head, then, yeah. I guess I'm okay with a whiner. That picture indicates the split second he looked back before stepping back into the box.

That's after the second pitch, when he was saying, "Hey ump, protect me! I'm a sissy."

Keep arguing...it's entertaining.

the more i see youkilis, the more i realize that he is a pussy. although he does have a hip and current goatee-shaved head combo. didn't jay buehner sport that in like, '92? if joba wanted to, he could have drilled the geek god of walks like a stripper who needs rent money.

This is open and shut. The ball wasn't thrown intentionally, case closed. Let's drop it.

How about Wang though? Lookin sharp again! A quality start from a bonified ACE.

Like Brian saids folks, if these two rookies can give us quality starts over the two days, and keep us in the game. We will start sunday with the top of our rotation on a huge roll.

Here's to enjoying a little bit of the future over the next two days. I for one am excited to see what these kids can do.


Agreed on all counts. Time to move on the Tampa series. Check back later for a Phil Hughes post.

jpx in the building on Nov 14 at 21:16

i love how the sox won the world series

i love how you're 3 months late to the party.

Youkilis is still a pussy, he just has a ring to match his skirt now.

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