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I'm sorry to do this, but I can't find an email on the site.
A friend of mine and I have started a mostly Asian baseball blog called East Windup Chronicle. I live in Korea, he lives in Taiwan.
I'm writing you, as a Yankees blogger, to show you an original article written by the guy in Taiwan about Chen-Ming Wang that were more or less using to launch the site.
If you like it please use it! Again, sorry to post here.
thanks! A.S.

Off topic (sorry Brian),

Does anyone have the Comcast Cable Major League or Football packages? If so, how much do they cost? Since the Yankees aren't playing the Sox, I can't get the game. I can't get the Mutts vs. Atlanta game either.

I'm tired of not seeing the games I want, esp. with football....

I get the NFL package through DirecTV and it costs an arm and a leg. I don't even know how much it is this year, they bill me automatically.

For baseball, I highly recommend getting the MLB.com package. It's $99 for the year, I believe, and you can watch all the out-of-market games on your computer.

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