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Great job breaking it down. Yeah, I think Brandan Wright is a good pick at #5, but he's been projected as high as #3. He's potentially that good. If he's available, you have to take him.

I like Acie Law IV alot, too, but wonder about how well his game would translate to the NBA. I thought Salim Stoudemire would be a big player, and he's yet to live up to the promise. Stoudemire is obviously more of a shooter than Law (a better passer), but they seem similar to me - they are kinda too small to play the 2, too much of shooters to play the 1.

Nice graphics.

Mix Master Mu on Mar 15 at 11:38

Nicely done with the draft post. Here is what I was thinking. Given our spot right now I think Brandon Wright is out of the question but Horford would be a great addition. We actually would get a power forward that looks like a power forward. As for the Denver pick I think unless Denver starts losing we will not have a shot at Acie Law unless A & M collapses in the tourney. For my 2nd pick I'd like the sixers to go with some international flair. Either Rudy Fernandez or Marco Belinelli. Both these guys could come off the bench and spell the one or two. With the 3rd pick i'd like to add a banger who can post up. I hate Jared Dudley but he does have a Paul Pierce like game where he can post up and draw fouls with his numerous fakes. Or even DJ White from Indiana who has the same type of game. I'm not saying either is going to be even close to as good as Pierce. Just that they could be good players to try and draw that 5th or 6th foul on the opposing teams player. There are way too many players in the NBA who are undisciplined on defense (cough cough dalembert cough. My ideal draft would be Oden, Law, Derrick Byars.

P.S. Why can't you just switch your favorite baseball team to the Phillies and talk about how much they F'ing rule?

Mix Master is outtty!

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