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I hear you about dropping a series... the Phils did the same thing after sweeping the Mutts, losing a series to Florida, of all teams.

No matter how hot your lineup has been , at this point in the season, it always comes down to pitching and who's healthy and who's not. And if all else fails, football starts next Sunday....

too much baseball on this blog, Eurobasket 2007 just started !! Nowitzki, Parker, Gasol etc etc

tonight Italy-France (wow !), do you have games on tv there ??? it starts at 1 PM your time

Yeah Ricky, you're right....
We're all so wrapped up in baseball, we're forgetting about the Sixers... is there any news on how the summer league did and how the new guys looked?

Does Eurobasketball overlap the NBA season? Do any Sixers play over in Europe? Is former Sixer Pepe Sanchez still around?

Louis Williams rocked in the Summer leagues, let's just hope he carries it over into the regular season. The only other news has been Dalembert playing for the Canadian team.

guys there is a continetal competition for national teams going on, with some dozen NBA players, Nowitzki, Gasol, Kirilenko, Okur, Turkoglu, NBA last mvp Parker (just torched us), Bargnani, Belinelli, Diaw, Biedrins, Calderon, Garbajosa... need more ???!!!

no Pepe Sanchez, unfortunately :-)

Not a single Sixer playing in that, right Ricky? Disappointing.


but we always knew that our int'l scouting sucks big time, if we could never do better than Efthimios Rentzias...

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