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They didn't use Gagne (he's hurt) but lost anyway.

Too Funny Bri.......

On the Joba/Gagne Graphic, Gagne "1 fake injury".
Good stuff buddy.

Too bad for Hughes, I agree that he's not using enough of his pitches. I did see a tenacity in him last night that I've not seen since his injury, so maybe he is starting to return to form.

Duncan is the man, I like the energy that he brings, he seems like a very genuine guy. Was that the play where Jeter missed the tag by a mile, but sold it like a pro?

Do you think that the Mariners are off the radar? What about Detroit?

Give me your assessment of how likely it'll be that we get the Wildcard, or how likely it goes to another front runner. I ask this b/c I am assuming the Div. is out of the question.

Thanks man



Jeter missed the tag on a caught stealing early on, the Shelley play was clean. He was pumped out there too. I love watching Frankenstein play.

As for the Wild Card, I don't think the Tigers or Mariners will win it. The only way the Yanks don't get it is if they lose it. This team is capable of 9-game losing streaks, unfortunately. I don't see it happening again this year, but I guess it's possible. That's the only way a team other than the Yanks gets in.

That being said, the Yanks are also capable of winning 10 in a row, so don't completely forget about the Sox. The Yanks own them head-to-head since the first two series (when the Yanks were trotting out Chase Wright and Tyler Clippard). If Boston goes cold even for a week the division could be within reach again.

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