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Very thorough and thoughtful analysis. This is a team with a lot of questions and what ifs. If all goes well and everyone stays healthy, it could be a great year. That's a big IF.

We see how important the long snapper is only when they f**k up, like in preseason a few times. That's when we can see how much Bartrum is missed. I always liked him too.

Can J.R. Reid return punts too? I don't think he did it in his last stint with the Iggles, but could he? I think the only reason they held onto Lewis is to return punts, but I just don't trust him. He's a weak link.

It's the special teams, small D-line and untested linebacking corps that worry me. That, and the health of McNabb and the status of the #2 QB if he is injured. Feeley can't be ready for Sunday. That puts Kolb as the #2 without even a guy on the practice squad as an emergency backup. The irony is that the least of my worries is the receiving corps and tandem of running backs, two areas that have traditionally been a problem. Go figure.

BTW, did your favorite bow tie wearing Dhani Jones ever catch on with another team? I heard Pinkie was cut by Washington and Simon was released. Did Shawn Barber survive the final cuts wherever he landed (can't remember where that is right now).

I read an article yesterday that said Reed is working on returning punts now, but he's never done it for the Eagles. I think Lewis will be the primary guy on Sunday, just because they trust him to catch the ball more than Reed at this point.

Dhani is still a free agent, which is hilarious. He went from starting for the Eagles to unemployable in one offseason, and he's only 29.

I believe Feeley is going to be ready for the opener, but let's keep our fingers crossed that we won't have to see him on the field.

The Eagle Practice Squad,
not a QB in the bunch. Glad to see Gasperson gets a chance as well as monster tight end Lee Vickers.

76 Clark, Jeremy LDT 6-3 309 Alabama R
34 Davis, Jason FB 5-11 240 Illinois 2
19 Gasperson, Michael WR 6-4 220 Univ. of San Diego 1
41 Jordan, Akeem LB 6-1 226 James Madison R
65 Murrell, Marques DE 6-2 246 Appalachian State R
32 Paschal, Marcus S 6-0 201 Iowa R
13 Sampy, Bill WR 5-11 192 Louisiana Lafayette 1
85 Vickers, Lee TE 6-6 275 North Alabama 1

Gasperson earned it, he was impressive in the preseason games. Nasty Nate didn't even make the practice squad, such a shame. Maybe he'll drop 30 pounds and try again next year.

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