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Give me a break. Are you trying to say real men throw punches?

Cabrera was an ass, and the Sox merely stood and let him behave like one. He dug his own grave.

Pink. Please.

All I'm saying is that charging out of the dugout to stand around and curse is exactly what I expect from this Red Sox team. I'm sure Youkilis was out of harm's way whining to an umpire while the whole thing was going on.

Any team that comes out of the dugout to do anything other than yell is a bunch of morons. It's a game. What's the point of throwing punches because of some immature pitcher's behavior? Fans and players alike need to grow up when it comes to this crap.

And yes, Youkilis was whining to an ump about something that didn't involve him. That's what he does. He whines. Constantly. That's it. Doesn't get on base (his .394 OBP is just a mirage) or play impeccable defense (set AL record last night with 179 consecutive errorless games at first, but that's probably a fluke). They keep him around for his innate whining skills.

His OBP is kind of hollow, as are pretty much all of his other numbers. Since May he's been little more than a slap hitting first baseman with a good glove.

Here are his numbers for June, July and August (league average OPS is .769)

June: .264 ave, .762 OPS
July: .219 ave, .704 OPS
Aug: .241 ave, .760 OPS

And if all you're going to do is point and yell, why not do it from the dugout? They run out on the field to make it look like they're tough and going to do something about it, then stand there like it's a tea party. It's ridiculous. Either stay on the bench, or fight. Or cry to the umps and the media, which seems to be Boston's M.O.

The league average is for the whole season, not just month-by-month. Even with the downturn, the number you forget to mention is Youkilis' total OPS for the season, which is .855.

That means it's .086 higher than the league average, and higher than Giambi (.797), Phillips (.711) or Mientkiewicz (.661), one of whom the Yankees put at first every game.

It's also higher than Cano, Jeter, Abreu, Cabrera, and Damon, and only .008 under Matsui's total. With comparable at-bats and games, only Matsui, Rodriguez and Posada on the Yankees have a better OPS.

I'm not interesting in comparing each player on the team, but if you're going to bring up one guy's stat, at least make sure you show the whole picture of that stat.

As for bench clearing, it's pretty rare that you see actual fights happen as a result, whether it's the Red Sox involved or not. Guys yell, benches clear, and everyone stands around. I don't think the phenomenon is unique to the Red Sox.

For instance, when A-Rod continued his bush league play and yelled at the Blue Jays' third baseman earlier this season, the benches cleared. I don't recall a fight breaking out. In fact, I just watched the video again, and it looks a whole lot like what happened last night with the Red Sox and Orioles. I guess the Yankees enjoy their tea just as much as the next team.

I was commenting on the fact that Youkilis had two good months, at the very beginning of the season, and since then he's been nothing more than a slap-hitting first baseman. You can brag about the numbers he put up back then if you want to, but to me he's nothing more than a .275-.280 hitter w/ 10-15 HR power. That's fine to get from a power position if you have someone in a non-power position who performs above average (which the Sox don't), but it's definitely not something to brag about.

I'm glad you brought up the Blue Jays. When A-Rod yelled "ha" the Blue Jays stormed the field, again to look like they were tough and wanted to fight. When the other team does that, you can't really stay in the dugout, can you? Then, when the two teams met again and A-Rod got drilled, obviously intentionally, he didn't bitch to the ump, he didn't yell at the pitcher, he walked to first base. Then the Blue Jays emptied their dugout again, apparently because A-Rod wasn't throwing a temper tantrum. So the Yanks had to follow suit. In both cases, it was a very Red Sox-esque move on the Jays part.

The Orioles stormed out of the dugout first. The Red Sox followed your theory and decided to come out, too.

A-Rod is obviously the model of class and decorum. How silly of me not to notice.

I just watched the video again on MLB.tv, the Sox were out of their dugout almost immediately, led by Francona.

A-Rod doesn't cry to the umps when he gets hit (and he's been hit more times than anyone in baseball). God, I can't wait for this upcoming series.

Clarification: when the near-HBP happened, some members of the Red Sox stood on the top step of the dugout, yelling, but certainly stopped well short of storming the field. Pedroia, as far as I can tell, didn't say a word. Then Ramon Hernandez, the Orioles' catcher, began yelling at the Red Sox dugout. His teammates came out to back him up, and the benches cleared.

If you want to think of a team in this situation being a bunch of wusses, I think your finger should be pointing at the Orioles. They were the aggressors in this case, and the Red Sox came out of the dugout because it was necessary (which is a lot like your explanation of the Yanks/Jays fight).

My finger is still pointed at the Sox. They're a bunch of sissies, and there were 10 Sox on the field right after it happened, pointing fingers and acting tough. (Youkilis was out there, standing behind Ortiz, so he wouldn't get hurt if something happened). When the benches cleared, both teams came out en masse at the same time.

One thing you're right about, Pedroia didn't do anything, he looked like he was just going to step back into the box after the pitch was thrown. In fact, if the Sox hadn't come out of the dugout, the ump would've warned both teams and the game would've gone on.

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