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brandon on Sep 9 at 9:23

I heard Jeet left in the fifth with a bruised ego. This team is a below .500 team without Arod. I hope all of you loser Yankee fans get your wish next year when he signs with the Angels or Red Sox. Oh, and the Yanks aren't winning the division.

Did you guys see the running joke about A-Rod and his shoulder?


That's groundbreaking stuff there. A-Rod's good! Wow. He isn't leaving NY.


That was hilarious, the whole pen was doing it on both bombs.

ITS OVER!!!! YANK WILL WIN THE WORLD SERIES THIS YEAR HANDS DOWN! As much as i liked gary sheffield and was mad when he was traded, its clear that talent doesnt mean everything.. for the first time since 2001 the yankees are one as a team. i give credit to shelly duncan and his foream bashes for turning it around.. all of a sudden every one gets along w a rod (MVP) again guys are joking around in the dugout every night .. we have a solid pen and the best lineup in history.. After watching a rod hitting the bomb to cente and watching the bulpen make fun of his shoulder it became so apparent to me that the yanks are finally one as a team .. pulling for each other and putting the team first. getting rid of cancers like the chef as clutch as he was is key to winning a champoinship. well get by anehiem in rd one and blow the doors off dice K and company in rd 2 and slaughter any patsy the nl throws at us.. is all over yankees win thaaaaaaa yankeess winnn

agreed, I think.

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