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Watching Favre play now is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I respect what he's done over his career, but for the past three years, emotions and sentimentality aside, he's been a liability to that team. The Iggle management would have cut him over four years ago which explains the differences in fate of the two teams.

I recall some analyst last year saying that good teams make good business decisions, bad teams make emotional ones.
He also said on bad teams, player's demands/attitudes run the team instead of the coaches. He was referring to Favre. The rest of the guys on that panel jumped all over him and acted like they were ready to hang him for being a war criminal/terrorist/puppy killer just for voicing dissent on the greatness of Brett Favre. No one wanted to acknowledge that Favre was no longer effective.

Favre has been through two farewell tours around the NFL now. This year will be another, and we'll all have to tolerate old farts like John Madden raving about Favre while he's putting up three or four INTs a game. Actually, it does any team that has to face the Pack a favor as it means a "W" for the opposition. So as an Eagle fan, I guess I'm glad he's still playing.

I'm over my optimism after that game. Something needs to be done about special teams, they'd be better off just not having a returner back there.

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