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Oh geez... I said the same thing to my son Alex to put a call into Reno Mahe. And put John Harbaugh back in charge of the freaking special teams! Alex, who played on special teams, commented they just weren't prepared on special teams and had guys with their heads up their asses wandering around on the field, not working as a unit.

Mahe may not be great, but he's adequate. And he doesn't cough up the ball. And he's probably still working at Chickie and Peete's on the waterfront as he did during the offseason in his first three seasons as an Eagle. (no joke).

Here's another long shot.... Is Allen Rossom still with the Falcons, or was he cut? I loved Rossom when he was here.

One thing, Green Bay and Brett Farve didn't beat us. The Eagles beat themselves. And now we have to listen to another round of accolades for Brett Farve. The defense was on his ass the whole game. He threw at least a half dozen passes that, on a good Eagle day, should have been intercepted. He should have blown that game for them and if that was a better Eagle team, he would have.

What is the status of Lito Shepherd? Also Jevon Kearse? He limped off the field, and all I could think was "Shit, can't this guy stay healthy?"

Undisciplined, stupid penalties, and poor use of time outs. Those you have to place at least part of the blame on Reed. They have a lot of work to do before the next game.

brandon on Sep 9 at 20:57

The player of the game was that fat bastard on the Packers defensive line who knocked down three of McScrub's pass attempts.

So far my prediction is dead on. Skins win. Eagles lose. Don't worry, Bri, only twelve more losses to go. Next week will be number two.

Go Skins!


The announcers cracked me up regarding that fat bastard. Three times he got absolutely stoned at the line of scrimmage, completely beaten by the offensive lineman, and he put his hands up. That's not a great play, that's getting zero penetration and throwing your hands up as a last-ditch effort.


One thing I didn't mention in my post is that the Packer D played a good game. I didn't expect the Eagles offense to have a great game, but the Packer D came up big, especially in the fourth. Unfortunately, if it wasn't for special teams, the fourth quarter wouldn't have mattered at all.

They'll get the special teams figured out, my biggest concern was the front seven on D, and they played extremely well. For most of the game they were getting a ton of pressure on Favre only rushing 4 guys. This team will be fine, but the loss stings.

uhm football season started I see

good luck for the next games guys, I really hope Eagles can give you some joy, even after this bad start

Actually I thought the defense played well. Considine laid two punishing hits on Donald Driver up the middle early in the game. Whatever he's taking to bulk up, give some to Joselio Hanson... he looks like a lightweight. I think Farve got away from the defense a few times because somewhere in the back of their minds, they hear possible whistles for roughing the passer because afterall, he IS Brett Farve and I think they just didn't go for the kill for that reason. But the pressure was there, they stopped the run (although it wasn't much of a run to stop) and Favre was 23/42, not exactly Manningesque numbers. All in all, the defense is not the problem... even the impatient young linebackers Gocong and Gaither weren't fooled that often and held their own.

And Donovan moved well, hit different targets and moved the ball around. That's a positive. I would have liked to see more of Brent Celek and Tony Hunt, but their time will come. Westbrook looked good, the line opened up some holes for him. McNabb doesn't appear to have his timing back just yet, but that will hopefully come with time.

Their problems are fixable, all but the punt returning. There just isn't the time to develop someone into the position, we need someone who can hit the ground running with the ball and keep it in their hands. That's not going to be Greg Lewis, no matter how much time you give him. They need to pick someone up to fill that need. Any ideas?

Trying to look on the bright side, this loss could set them straight and have them making the adjustments they need for the season. Good teams have the discipline to make adjustments and evolve. Bad teams continue to make the same stupid mistakes and taking the same stupid penalties. Turnovers will cost an otherwise dominant team a win. One knock on Andy is the amount of stupid time outs wasted because the team is unprepared or not ready to go. (Wasting their time outs has been happening over the last few years.)

Rumor from Iggles Blog is that the call's been placed...
"RENO 911"

It's kinda sad that I'm breathing a sigh of relief, hoping that rumor is true.

Dear Andy,

You let the opening game victory slip right through your fingers, just like your punt returner. A solid Defensive performance was wasted and Donovan spread the ball around and moved well. Most of all, he didn't hurt the team and they played well enough to win.

But that was yesterday, and today is a new day. Time to roll up the sleeves and get to work fixing what's broke. You're good at making adjustments, so I have faith in you.

First off, Lewis isn't gonna cut it as a Receiver or Returner. He's just sad. Instead of wasting his roster space, how about promoting 6'4" 220 lb. Michael Gasperson from the practice squad? This is his 2nd or 3rd year on the practice squad, and could he be any worse than Lewis?

And whatever you gave Sean Considine to bulk him up, give it to Joselio Hanson. He's a lightweight. I saw two plays where he was knocked on his ass. Considine looked great opening up a can of whoop ass on Donald Driver over the middle. Are you sure that was only 20 lbs. he gained? It looked more like 50.

And if Shepard is hurt, there was a guy who didn't survive the final cut named Barksdale that could be a short term possibility.
Otherwise there isn't a CB on the practice squad. You must have seen something in him to have him survive the initial cut, so how about giving the guy a shot?

And at least one of those long snaps looked mighty shaky... who is the backup on that? Otherwise, even routine extra points will have us holding our breath and crossing our fingers...(and drinking heavily). Do you really want to worry every time that ball is snapped? With Britt and Garrett misbehaving, don't you have enough worries as it is?

Your faithful fan,


Note to Eagle fans:
If Reed doesn't fill the gaping hole in the roster at Punt Returner today,
here's a suggestion for all Eagle fans during the game....
Andy is Dandy
But liquer is quicker.


Nice. The backup long snapper is Darren Howard, believe it or not. Lewis should be gone by the next game, use his roster spot for a returner. I believe Barksdale was picked up by the Chiefs.

Did I just hear this right?
Ron Burke on Comcast Sportsrise said Reno Mahe LEAD THE LEAGUE IN PUNT RETURN AVERAGE IN 2005?

Could that be right, and if so, why in the world would Andy give up on him?

He might've led the league in number of punt returns. I can't believe he led the league in average per return. I just got an email from a fellow Eagle blogger saying he's officially back. I won't complain about a lack of production from him the rest of the year. Just catch the ball and you're golden with me, Reno.

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